National Eye Donation Fortnight 2018

The National Eye Donation Fortnight is celebrated annually from August 25 to September 8. The celebration of the great campaign is going very well to promote the process of giving or donating the eye and send the clear message to people about the special role of eye donation or the promises of living together in public.


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It is organized by the Tiruvallur District Education Department, which begins the human chain and concentration of school-aged children by participating in relly from Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Government Girls High School to the TV Nagar Educational Society School.


Schoolchildren parade through the streets of Ambattur with a poster and say orally the reasons for donating the eyes. Very busy attention and greater media coverage to spread their messages around the world.


Every part of the body is very important and necessary for people to perform their tasks quickly and correctly. Every part of the body works to accomplish all kinds of jobs easily and accurately.


The man has many important parts of the brain, heart, hands, legs, kidneys, liver, posterior teeth, eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and many other parts to accomplish all of these tasks. with the proper concentration and dedication.


All people are very curious about all parts of the body to perform any type of work easily and quickly. That’s why it’s important that every person save your body from many illegal and dangerous activities that occur in the environment, better perform all the difficult and simple tasks.


People are used to giving many other parts of the body to their advantage to perform many activities in a much better way. Each person should be able to accomplish their tasks with possible ideas to improve their lives and achieve their goals for a better future.


The eye donation reminds people who do not have eyes to see the beautiful nature. It is very important that people have their eyes to see the environment and the environment around them.


On this day people should focus to change the world by donating their valuable eyes for making the people to see the beautiful people and nature. Several thousands of people in India who are not having their eyes to see this beautiful World. The most important thing before donating eyes is to first check your eyes just to ensure that you don’t have any eye transplantation problem.


Every people are doubtful to get a proper eye from a person who has better eyes for the future purpose. Eyes make the people to better understand what is happening in the World.


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The Aim of National Eye Donation Fortnight


  • Encouraging people to donate their eyes after their death.


  • Spreading the knowledge about the requirement for an eye transplant.


  • Educating people that there is no harm in donating eyes after their death.



Facts Related to Eye Donation


  • It simply means donating your eyes after your death.


  • Eye donation benefits more to corneal blind people.


  • Donation does not depend upon your age, sex, and blood group, you can donate your eyes.


  • The doner’s eyes’ cornea should be removed within an hour of death.


  • Donating your eyes can save the vision of two corneal blind people.


  • The donated eyes can never be bought nor sold.


  • Eye removal process only takes 10-15 minutes without leaving any scars on face or disfigurement.


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