Know More About the Role of Pharmacists on World Pharmacist Day.



Imagine a world without pharmacists? Well, we actually cannot. In times of trouble, they are god’s sent angle. On this World Pharmacist Day, we congratulate and thank all these experts who make our lives little better and healthier. On September 25, 2019, millions of pharmacists worldwide will celebrate World Pharmacists Day, this year themed “safe and effective medicines for all.”


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What is World Pharmacist Day Celebrated Every Year?


World Pharmacist Day is celebrated on 25 September in order to promote and appreciate the role of the pharmacist in improving health all over the world. This day also spread awareness about the importance and role of a pharmacist.



Theme and History of the Day:


Well, this time the theme chosen is “safe and effective medicines for all”. The theme actually focuses on the safety of the patient. It is meant so by improving the use of medicine and to reduce the errors related to medicines. Therefore, the role of the pharmacist is very important.


According to the FIP President Dominique Jordan “Today, more than ever, pharmacists are charged with the responsibility to ensure that when a patient uses a medicine, it will not cause harm”.


World Pharmacist Day was created by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009. This was in particular chosen as World Pharmacist Day because on this date FIP came into existence in 1912.


Pharmacists are those which help people with medical problems and advice. There is a very fine line between a doctor and a pharmacist. If Doctors are Iron Man, the Pharmacist is Jarvis. They work together and assist one another whenever necessary. Pharmacists also help people to improve their health and prevent illness by using their knowledge and learning. They provide the required medical assistance to the patient by giving the right medicines along with information about dosage.


Today on this day, we would like to congratulate and thank these wonderful and capable souls. To all the health experts a Pharmacist around the world, We wish you a happy Pharmacist Day! Keep doing the great work.


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