Best Treatment to Get Rid of Corns on Toes Permanently


Have you ever feel hard or tightened area on your toes, it can be corn. Usually, it can be of three types which can be categorized by their shape. Here we are going to discuss simple lifestyle changes and home remedies to get rid of corns on toes permanently.

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What are corns?


Corns are hard, thickened areas of skin which usually occur on your feet. They look similar to a callus but usually harder, smaller, and more painful than that. These aren’t dangerous but these can cause irritation. It is also more likely to affect women as compared to men.

What are the Types of Corns?



The Corn can be categorized into three parts:



Hard Corn: These are the most common type of corn. These corns are small, concentrated areas of hard skin usually found within a wider area of thickened skin.


Soft Corns: On the other hand soft corn are whitish or gray, and are rubbery in texture. They usually appear between the toes.


Seed: These are small and usually found on the bottom of the foot.



Well, corns aren’t a skin disease. It’s your body’s response to friction or pressure on the skin. You get rid of corns on toes permanently by making simple changes and take some precaution.

How Can You Prevent Corns?


To remove the corns permanently and make sure don’t develop back after treatment, you have to remove the conditions which caused them. Here we are some tips to help remove friction and prevent corns from forming:

Always Wear Shoes and Socks that Fit Properly


Choose shoes that aren’t too loose or too tight. A tip for getting the accurate size shoe is to shop for shoes at the end of the day, when your feet may be slightly swollen.

Trim your Toenails


If your toenails are long then they can force your toes to push up against your shoe. These pushes can create pressure that causes corn to form over time.

Use Corn Pads


You can use the corn pads which can help you to protect against excess pressure or friction around your corn. These pads come in a variety of materials including felt, foam, and moleskin. Usually, these pads are donut-shaped to redistribute the pressure around the corn with an adhesive backing. They should be positioned so the corn is in the center hole.

Keep Your Feet Clean


Wash your feet daily with soap, water, and an appropriate scrub brush.

Keep your feet moisturized


Use foot cream on a regular basis to prevent dryness and friction.


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How to Get Rid of Corns on Toes Permanently



Before the treatment of corns, you must first evaluate the cause of your friction. Generally, they’ll go away on their own when the pressure or friction causing them stops.



If you want to protect the corn from further irritation, dermatologists recommend the following steps to get rid of corns on toes permanently:


1. Soak your Foot in Warm water


Make sure the corn is completely submerged for about 10 minutes or until the skin softens.

2. File the Corn with a Pumice Stone


A pumice stone is an abrasive volcanic and porous rock which is used for sloughing away dry skin. You can dip the pumice stone in warm water and then use it to carefully file the corn. Gentle sideways or circular motions help remove the dead skin.

3. Apply Lotion to the Corn


Use a moisturizing lotion or cream along with salicylic acid. It dissolves the keratin protein that makes up the corn and the surrounding dead skin. Well, salicylic acid is usually not recommended for people with diabetes, frail skin, or poor circulation.

4. Use corn pads


Corn pads can protect corns from making contact with your shoe, with these donut-shaped adhesive pads.

Don’t try to shave away or cut your corns as this can lead to a potentially dangerous infection of the surrounding tissues. Shaving corns or cutting should only be done by a doctor.

How long do Corns take to go away?



Well, sometimes you may need to see a foot specialist get rid of corns on toes permanently. Corns usually go away within 1 to 4 weeks after. You should stop the activity which caused a callus and stop wearing shoes that are causing problems.






Corns are temporary and generally gone by their own. If they last more then a week you can try the above tips to get rid of corns on toes permanently or you can consult a dermatologist which can help to get treated.


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