Important Questions about Echocardiography

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What is Echocardiography?


Echocardiography is basically a test in which high-frequency sound waves are used to make an image of the heart. It is like an echo process. As echo cannot harm you, a probe is passed over the patient’s chest which produces soundwaves that are echoed back from your heart to the probe. The bounced back sound waves are used to make the images of the heart. The images obtained with Echocardiography are displayed on a video monitor. These images are analyzed by the cardiologist to figure out the issues in the heart.


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What does an Echocardiogram test for?




Basically, this procedure is used by the cardiologist to analyze the structure of the heart and to check the functioning of the heart. This test also helps the doctor in diagnosing the probable causes of the issues in the patient’s heart. For instance,




1. Heart’s Movement

2. Heart’s Structure

3. Pumping strength of Heart

4. The functioning of Heart Valves

5. Tumour or Infections in the Heart




How long does an Echocardiogram take?




On average, the procedure of echocardiography takes 20 minutes to complete. The patient is first asked to change the dress and given a gown to wear. Starting 5 to 7 minutes are taken to prepare the setup and positioning of the patient for the echocardiogram. Then, 13 to 15 minutes are spent to obtain relevant images of the heart. However, stress echocardiography takes another 15 to 20 minutes to complete.




Does an Echocardiogram Hurt?




For the procedure, the technologist will ask you to lie down on your side and back. The technologist will also put electrodes on your chest and the probe. He will apply the gel on your chest and the probe. The probe is responsible to produce sound waves which make the images the heart. Fortunately, you will feel no pain during the process of echocardiography. Moreover, this technique has no side effects.







There are many issues which cannot be diagnosed with the naked eyes, thus, echocardiography is used to diagnose the problems associated with the heart. Some of these problems are mentioned above. If you also feel that your heart is not working efficiently, consider consulting the Best Cardiologist In Noida to help yourself. If needed, do not hesitate for opting the process as it is not painful and has no side effects.


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