Key Aspects of the Medical History in Evaluating Patients with CKD

Somya Verma

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You remember back in school days when you were evaluated for things you were good and bad at? We know that was a scary time when there was a lower grade on the evaluation card. However, when we talk about diseases, it can be of great trouble.


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Evaluating patients with CKD can be a tough task yet an important one for the primary care providers. This helps them know the elements and medical history of patients. This also proves to be helpful when they are engaging with any other disease.


What is evaluating patients with CKD?


It is not like the report card, which our teachers handed us, in reality, it actually means something! Your doctors take care of your medical condition by evaluating your chronic condition.


This is like homework they must do to give you the right kind of treatment. There are a lot of things that must be evaluated by the primary healthcare provider to make sure you are given the best care.


What must be added to evaluating patients with CKD?


While we have mentioned how important is it to evaluate the patients with CKD, you must be wondering what all does this evaluation actually involves? Well, a lot is to do with how the patients are keeping with CKD and pre-existing conditions.


1. Identify the patient


This particular task starts the evaluation of patients with CKD. As a person ages, the kidney reduces its capability of work. However, it is not the age but some of the other problems that can lead to that before the age. The doctors have to understand which patients are the most prone to such a condition.


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Here are some major points that they must look after: Basically the risk factor of CKD


  • Diabetes mellitus type 1 or type 2



  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD)


  • Family history of kidney failure


2. Get hold of the cause of CKD


During the identification of the patients, an important aspect of evaluating patients with CKD involves the cause. What must be and can be the cause of the person getting, CKD. This makes the treatment and also the cure easier for the doctor.


Although diabetes is the most common cause of CKD, it is important not to assume that a patient with diabetes and CKD have diabetic kidney disease. However, non-diabetic kidney disease is unlikely in a person with diabetes of long duration with other diabetic complications, physical findings of end-organ diabetic damage, and negative screening laboratory studies.


3. Staging of CKD


Staging systems for chronic disease should identify risk for progression and complications. The doctor must be evaluating patients with CKD, on what stage has their kidney been affected. An important aspect.


4) Other Conditions


Patients with stage 1 to 3a CKD can be screened for osteoporosis using the same strategy as the general population. Also, other conditions like infections and others must be judged for further complications in evaluating patients with CKD.


We hope the above information helped you to know how evaluating patients with CKD is not only important but what it involves. You can book a doctor’s appointment with a nephrologist through our mobile app. To get more information, keep reading this space.


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