Top 6 Breastfeeding Myths in India That a Woman Should Know


In recent years, people have been denying the importance of breastfeeding. Of course, some studies have rejected it, but scientists have continued to argue the importance of breastfeeding for a newborn. In all this, there are some breastfeeding myths in India which are raising across the urban as well as rural areas.


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Top 6 Breastfeeding Myths in India That a Woman Should Know



If you read any article or news about breastfeeding, the number one suggestion is always for you will be breastfeeding is good for both mother and child. But today’s women are increasingly choosing style options, especially when they work. Some also believe that breast milk contains little iron and that breastfeeding should be avoided if the mother is ill or taking medication. But how true are these beliefs?




Top 6 Breastfeeding Myths in India


Myth No. 1: Avoid breastfeeding right after the cesarean section (C-section).

Truth- As it takes time for a woman to recover from a C-section surgery, due to which babies usually do not get enough skin contact and are away from the first feed. This practice is not healthy for the woman as well as for the baby. The mother should undergo the breastfeeding process with the newborn with colostrum soon after the delivery, even if it’s through C-section.



Myth No. 2: Avoid breastfeeding if a woman is on medication.

Truth- Well it’s not true, only a few small amounts of most drugs or medicines can be found in a mother’s milk, which is not a problem. In any case, there are other safe and effective alternatives to strong medicines.



Myth No. 3: A woman’s diet determines the milk composition.

Truth- A woman’s diet does not directly affect the milk quality produced by her. But if the woman is severely malnourished or fails to consume a balanced diet, then it will affect the quality of breast milk.



Myth No. 4: Avoid breastfeed the baby if it is nauseous or suffers from diarrhea.

Truth- This is not the truth, in fact, the babies should given mother’s milk for gut infection. Mothers must stop giving other foods to their infant for some time but continue with the breastfeeding. Only under exceptional circumstances and after consulting with a doctor breastfeeding can be stopped for some time.


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Myth No. 5: Avoid drinking cold beverages because it can infect the child.

Truth- It is absolutely okay for breastfeeding women to consume cold beverages. Taking cold beverages won’t affect the baby as the viral infections do not transmit through breast milk. If we study deeply, when a mother had a cold, she produces antibodies that pass to the baby through breast milk. This, in fact, protects the baby.



Myth No. 6: Breastfeeding mothers should avoid eating spicy food

Truth- Well for this doctors normally says that a woman should not take any spicy food for at least 40 days after her delivery as it may cause her constipation. Nevertheless, after 40 or 50 days, mothers are comparatively free to choose what they, want to eat.


Top 6 Breastfeeding Myths in India That a Woman Should Know





All the above-written myths are topmost breastfeeding myths in India. These myths should be withdrawn by spreading knowledge among breastfeeding women or pregnant women through events in hospital and healthcare centers.


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