Top 7 Precautions From Cold And Flu In Winter Season

Vaibhav Saxena

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A sore throat and running nose are the initial signs of the cold and flu in the winter season. People catch a cold and flu due to the exposure to harmful germs present in the environment or surrounding almost all the time. In the majority of cases, people get rid of the cold and flu in a few spans of days through common precautions from cold and flu but not always such precautions help.

Cold and flu can be critical as well as annoying to the people even after considering the non-chronic nature of this disease. Cold or flu is the prime reason behind children and adults to take leaves from work or schools/colleges. Therefore, it is affirmative that there is a need for finding an ultimatum solution and prevention method from cold and flu.

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What are the Causes and Symptoms of Cold and Flu?

Germs and intercommunication are considered as the basic and most effective causes of the common cold. Germs are present almost everywhere and anywhere. Moreover, climate and weather changes are held responsible for causing common cold and influenza as well because of winters and springs causes most cases of it.

What are the Symptoms of Cold and Flu?

Following are top symptoms of cold and flu including;

  • A sore throat
  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Headaches
  • A runny nose
  • Body ache
  • Heaviness
  • Laziness

Top 7 Precautions From Cold And Flu In Winter Season

1. Wash Your Hands

In order to prevent yourself from catching a common cold or influenza try washing your hands often and a lot. Hands are the first place from where the germs approach a healthy so to abort their passage it is necessary to wash hands again and again after interacting any undefined place.

2. Stay Distant with Sick People

Many of you must be aware that germs are easily spread from one person to another. However, intercommunication tends to be the prime reason behind the dissemination of germs. So, it is quite beneficial to maintain a distance with the people who are already sick.

3. Maintain Cleanliness

The easiest and long-term solution from getting caught by the cold or flu is by keeping your surrounding clean and germ-free so that the risk of getting the infection reduces to almost null. Begin with eliminating the dirty and untidy substances from your surrounding.

4. Use Hand Sanitizer

Alcohol-based sanitizers act as one of the most amazing precautions from cold and flu. The hand sanitizers act against the germs promptly and effectively. So, in case of unavailability of water and soap, begin using a hand sanitizer.

5. Cover Yourself

Protecting using physically is another effective precautions from cold and flu. Covering your face and body from the emission of germs with the help of clothes and handkerchief is the best way to prevent cold and flu.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best way of preventing a common cold as the healthy world begins from keeping yourself healthy first. Start with personal hygiene such as regular bathing, cutting nails regularly and wearing clean clothes.

7. Stay Winter Ready

As we learned that winter or spring season is the most difficult for personal immunity as the action of germs and infection increases rapidly. So wear warm and comfortable clothes and eat healthy seasonal vegetables and fruits like kale, spinach, and beans.

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips for the Workplace:

The workplace is one of the most sensitive places where people catch a different kind of infections and diseases. On an average, a person shakes hands with over a dozen people, unaware who is sick or infectious. So, try cleaning hands before eating lunch and once in a while after touching public objects. Moreover, regular exercises and eating healthy food remains the best precautions from cold and flu.

What are the Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment Methods?

There is no such specific treatment method to deal with cold and flu, however, there are many medicines available in the pharmacy to consume. Also, try visiting your physician in case of uncontrollable cold and flu symptoms. When it comes to preventions, the aforementioned precautions from cold and flu are the most effective ones.


The environment is changing every day and so does our body. Researches state that the human body is failing in regards to immunity so it is best for the healthy lifestyle to follow the abovementioned precautions from cold and flu. Also, never quit exercising and eating healthy foods regularly.

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