Journey of a Patient Ali Qasim, a Lung Patient from Yemen

Ali Qasim, a 40-year-old business owner from Yemen, led a simple life. He didn’t smoke or drink and had no idea that he would be in a situation that would require him to pursue medical treatment in India. This is his story, about his journey to India for lung cancer treatment, and a subsequent lung transplant with GoMedii’s assistance.


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The Diagnosis


It was a usual day for Ali Qasim in his store in Yemen. Going through the motions of the day was especially tough these days due to his cough. Mr. Qasim had had a persistent cough that had lasted on and off for almost a year now. However, he didn’t think much of it, as he dismissed it as some sort of persistent flu or allergy.


But on this day, Ali had a tough time dismissing his cough. His persistent cough had gotten significantly more aggressive, making his day to day activities difficult to conduct. Ali realized his problem was severe, when he had to excuse himself from a meeting to cough, and noticed blood in his spit. Ali had periodically dismissed his wife’s concerns over his cough, but no more could he do that. A hasty visit to the doctor confirmed Ali Qasim’s fears.


Mr. Qasim couldn’t believe that he had lung cancer. After all, he didn’t even smoke a single cigarette in his lifetime.


Unfortunately, lung cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Lung cancer itself claims more lives yearly than breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined. Adenocarcinoma is the most common kind of non-small-cell lung cancer. It is responsible for 40-50% of lung cancer cases. It mainly occurs in patients who currently smoke or who used to. It is also the number one type of lung cancer among nonsmokers.


What Is Lung Cancer?


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Lung cancer is a cancerous cell mutation that occurs in the lungs and can spread to other parts of the body. Not only is it the top cause of cancer deaths worldwide, but it’s also a preventable type of cancer. Simply by not smoking cigarettes and tobacco and avoiding secondhand smoke, one can lower their chances of contracting it.


Lung cancer begins in the walls of the lung’s airways known as the bronchi or bronchioles or air sacs, known as the alveoli.


Over 20 various types of lung cancer exist. Non-small-cell lung cancer and small-cell lung cancer are the main types.

Mr. Qasim’s lung cancer may have been a result of smoke pollution or smoke inhalation, prolonged exposure to which is a common source of cancer.


According to the doctors Mr. Qasim consulted in Yemen, he would have to travel overseas for a good quality lung treatment. The doctors even told Mr. Qasim, that his cancer had progressed enough for him to need a lung transplant. This information left Mr. Qasim and his family in a terrible situation.


Mr. Qasim and his family began contemplating the possibility of pursuing treatment in the United States. However, they soon came to realize that that would be an extremely expensive endeavor. Mr. Qasim and his family could not afford treatment in the United States without it rendering them completely penniless.


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The Medical Journey of the Patient to India for Treatment


Go Through The Travel Checklist For Treatment In India


A relative of the Qasim family, who had pursued treatment in India from Yemen, informed the family about GoMedii. In Yemen, getting the appropriate treatment was next to impossible for Mr. Qasim. However, in India, they realized that Ali could pursue world-class treatment for a lung transplant at a fraction of international costs. In India, Mr. Qasim could get state of the art medical care. Hence without further delay, Mr. Ali and his wife began planning their medical journey to India and approached GoMedii.


Mr. Qasim and his family’s minds were set at ease as they communicated with their relationship manager at GoMedii. Lung transplant and treatment in India has made major strides. Hospitals in India such as Apollo, Fortis, and Jaypee provide state of the art healthcare and work closely with GoMedii to treat international patients such as Mr. Qasim.


Mr. Qasim and his family were overjoyed to find out that the same quality of treatment as the United States would cost them a fraction of the cost in India through GoMedii. This eased the stress on their minds and enabled Mr. Qasim to have a stress-free post-operation recovery after his treatment in India under GoMedii’s care.


When Mr. Qasim approached GoMedii and told his GoMedii relationship manager about his condition and situation, the team at GoMedii promptly began their own work. While informing Mr. Qasim about the documents and medical history that would be required from his end, the team set up a consultation for Mr. Qasim with one of the best oncologists in India for just $20 USD.


After his consult, and once the doctor had gone through Mr. Qasim’s documents, it was confirmed that Mr. Qasim and his wife would be traveling to India for treatment. This was made possible through GoMedii, whose team took care of Mr. Qasim’s medical visa for travel to India for medical reasons.


The Treatment in India with GoMedii

GoMedii as Your Global Treatment Partner For Affordable Care In India


Convinced that they were making the right choice by traveling to India and pursuing treatment through GoMedii, Mr. Qasim a few days shortly after contacting GoMedii was ready to travel to India from Yemen. His medical visa, accommodation in Delhi for medical treatment, and setting up of doctor appointments were all taken care of at GoMedii’s end. Ali Qasim is one of the many international patients today taking advantage of affordable, world-class treatments in countries like India, the most known destinations for medical tourism.


GoMedii ensures that to provide patients with the best in healthcare services, we collaborate with the best in healthcare in the country. Certified hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals work hand in hand with GoMedii to ensure a smooth and quick process, with the utmost best in healthcare services. To this end, GoMedii ties up with names such as Medanta, Fortis Memorial Hospital, Max Healthcare, to bring patients such as Mr. Qasim the best in lung transplant and care in India.


Mr. Qasim and his wife, after pursuing a successful lung transplant in Apollo Hospital, and a therapeutic stay in India through GoMedii, are today back in Yemen. Mr. Qasim is living a much more comfortable life with his new lung. Though Mr. Qasim will have to take medication, immunity-suppressants, and make certain permanent changes for the rest of his life. He will still live comfortably having known that he underwent international quality treatment at an affordable price in India through GoMedii that significantly improved his quality of life.


You too can pursue a journey to India for medical treatment or lung transplants in India and receive an on call consult for just $20 USD. Just drop us a query on our website or contact us on WhatsApp (+91 9654030724). International patients may even email us at, regarding our services. Our team will revert to your query as soon as possible.


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