Cheapest Flights To India For International Patients!

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It is not just the thought of traveling to another country for treatment that makes us feel heavy on our pockets, but also the amount that goes into booking a flight to do so. What if we tell you that once you choose GoMedii as your treatment partner, even this issue of yours will also find the best solution? Well, we are here for our patients to cut down on flights with these tricks and tips in order to find the cheapest flights to India.


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Find The Cheapest Flight To India For Treatment!





Are you planning your medical treatment? Do you wish to know how you can save money here as well? Check the blog and let us know if we made your pockets get some dollars!

Go IncogniTO!


The best way to trick your search engine is by going incognito and making sure the cookies are not saved. We suggest this because the searches are tracked and according to that your prices can be increased. Prices tend to shoot upward when you keep recording your search in your history section.


Clear Those Cookies, not the ones in the jar!


You must have got permission to “allow cookies” when you visited the websites. These are little trackers of the website that you visit. So, you get tracked through your search, and deleting these cookies can help you get closer to the real prices.


The Tuesday -Wednesday Rule!


This is no “rule” to be honest. It is actually a pattern that most of the frequent travelers especially the ones who have traveling as their priority job culture, have noticed.

According to the observations, an incoming flight on Tuesday, as well as the departure flight on a Wednesday, can be cheaper. Did that sound like magic to find the cheapest flights to India?


If you are sure to travel, go for non-refundable




We know for a reason that once you are sure of getting treated abroad, you would hardly cancel tickets, given the urgency. If you are dead sure that you will travel on a certain date, then go for non-refundable tickets. It is cheaper! This way you will find the cheapest flights to India.


Time or Money, choose connective flights?


It is a well-known fact that choosing connecting flights can make your expenses less on those flights. This is not a trick but it does have a time factor. It can make your travel a little more lengthy.



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Follow your airlines on social media


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Why? It is because they release coupons, especially on their own websites or apps. It only makes the particular flight of your choice cheaper. Giving it a chance can really help you save some dollars! Drop your traveling details with us.


Do not show the number of travelers


You can find the cheapest flights to India if you play smart. Travelers have seen a lot of deductions in their prices. we are suggesting this as Airlines always show the highest ticket price in a group of tickets which means you’ll end up paying more money.


An Early Booking?


The further in advance, you book your flight, the cheaper it will be, for many reasons. We recommend that you start looking for potential flights a few months in advance and as soon as you find one that you’re comfortable with the price of, buy it.


The bonus here is that if you book your flight early enough, you will have forgotten about the price by the time you’re on the plane and it will feel like a free holiday. What say, is it not a way to find the cheapest flights to India?


Mix and Match Airlines


When you book directly with an airline, you’ll only be able to fly that airline and any partner airlines it has. That means your options will be limited when it comes to finding the perfect itinerary or saving the most money.


Steal the Deal!


Before you start looking for specific lights, make sure you’ve signed up for some newsletters. Joining the mailing list for airlines and last-minute deal websites will give you access to the absolute best deals out there. Sure, 99% of them might not fit your journey requirements but keeping your eye on the deals will ensure you don’t miss an amazing opportunity.



Cost Cutting With GoMedii As Your Treatment Partner


We are here to assist you to find the cheapest flights to India. If international patients want to get online consultation or treatment in India, then you can simply drop a query on our website or you can just drop us a query on our website or contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) call us at 9599004811 or email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible


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