Are You Ready With Chronic Kidney Disease Checklist? Make One!

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Going through a chronic condition is not that easy. You have to keep the records of your improvements and take action when things go wrong. Just how it is not that easy to take care of ourselves when suffering from CKD. You need to make a chronic kidney disease checklist to make sure you can manage it in a better way. What do you do? What must be added and what must not be added? We have an entire description of the pointers that you can include in your self-made list, or can follow if not.



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Why Chronic Kidney Disease Checklist is important?



The major role played by a checklist is to make sure you do not miss anything. As we know that CKD is not like diabetes where you must take insulin, and check the sugar level continuously. However, we know that along with diabetes being a cause, CKD is a chronic condition that needs periodic checkups.



This is why chronic kidney disease checklist is very important. If you are going through it, you must make a note of it.





What must be added to the chronic kidney checklist?



While we can have a lot of things to take care of, some of them become extremely important for the chronic kidney checklist. Here are a few things you cannot miss to include.



1) A list of causes for your CKD



Chronic Kidney Disease Checklist must have the possible conditions that make things worse. They should know how they can suffer from that particular condition and what measures can be taken. An overview is enough initially but further research must be taken.



2) A good and well-formulated diet plan



Once you are well aware of risk factors, causes, symptoms, and measures, understand the diet that you must follow in order to get through CKD. All kinds of diets that help you manage CKD better must be included in the checklist. A chronic kidney checklist will be incomplete without the diet mentioned in it.



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3) Make the appointments of GFR Test clear



The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) gives an approximate measure of the number of functioning nephrons. GFR is used to monitor the severity of kidney impairment. The Chronic Kidney Disease checklist must have the dates of appointment of when the tests must be taken.



Actually measuring GFR is difficult and not practical in the care of most patients. Instead, GFR is usually estimated. The most common way to estimate the GFR in adults is by measuring the creatinine level in the bloodstream and then using this number to calculate an estimated GFR (eGFR) level.




4) Exercise well




Keep your uric acids and also your cholesterol level in check, and for that regular exercise is necessary. Let us tell you, your chronic kidney disease checklist remains incomplete if you do not have the perfect exercise to do.




5) Check on the protein intake



You must put a hold on how much protein are you taking. Make a chronic kidney disease checklist with food items that you love but need to check the protein percentage in it.




Make your chronic kidney disease checklist, as soon as you can. In case of any help you require, you can always book a doctor appointment online and visit our website for further information.



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