Common Winter Cold Sores: Causes & Stages

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‘Winters is coming’, stating the fact while quoting worldwide popular show Game of throne. Everybody loves winters because it is the time for being cozy and eating the favorite food from the array of food variety. Whereas like every other season change, winters also bring risks of ailments and infections, one of them is cold sores. Do you know how much cold sores are severe and common and how do they affect you?


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It is quite likely that most of you must be aware of this visible annoying condition called cold sores as every other person must have acquired it once in their lifetime. Let’s learn more about this common yet chronic condition, so right before the chilling winter arrives we must stay ready to protect our sensitive skin.




What are Cold Sores?


Cold sores are the condition of the skin that commonly occurs at the upper lip part of the body. This skin condition depicts similar symptoms of a rash on the skin. Major symptoms of sores involve tingling, itching, pain, and numbness may all be signs that you are likely to develop a cold sore. These symptoms may occur hours to days before an outbreak and are known as the ‘prodrome’.


Cold sores, also known as fever blisters or oral herpes, are very common. They can be easy to recognize as they usually appear as red bumps or blisters around the lips and mouth.




What Causes Cold Sores?


Cold sores are caused by herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1), the oral form of the virus. In fact, 67% of the world population under age 50 has HSV-1 because it is so contagious.1 Once you are infected, the virus never leaves your body. Most people aren’t exactly sure when they first encountered the virus. It’s usually contracted in early childhood where it may not appear as a visible cold sore.


For the majority of the people, cold sores blisters are not visible in the initial stage but sooner a red blister like bump starts to appear over the skin. After the blisters form, you may notice that they break and ooze. A yellow crust or a scab builds up and eventually falls off, revealing new skin underneath.


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What are the Stages of the Cold Sores?


Cold Sores starts to appear on the skin in multiple stages, slowly and steadily these cold sores begin to take it’s full transformed structure which tends to annoy the sufferer.


Stage 1: First is the tingle stage which is the most initial symptom of the cold sores. During this stage, the skin becomes red and itchy.


Stage 2: This is the blister stage when the skin starts to swell a little bit, and a little blister starts to show up. These blisters are often misunderstood by small bumps.


Stage 3: Tertially is the ulcer stage in which the skin starts make painful signs and the blisters start to show an opening sore with red inflammation ring.


Stage 4: Last is the scabbing stage in which the cold sore begins to dry up and the skin is left with the yellow-brown dry patch.




How to Treat Cold Sores?


Unfortunately, there is no cure for cold sores. But the good news is that they often clear up without treatment. However, there are many a few antibiotic products which help in healing the sores and reducing the pain. Moreover, in order to avoid the occurrence of this cold sores, one must keep their skin fresh and clean while avoiding harsh climates like pollution and extreme chilling weather.


Facts about Cold Sores:


  • Cold sores are caused by a virus


  • You can prevent a cold sore from developing by hygiene


  • Cold sores are very common


  • Cold sores can take a long time to disappear


  • 75% of the population carry it


Common Winter Cold Sores: Causes & Stages






Cold Sores are quite common that doesn’t mean that they should be neglected and ignored. These blister-like skin condition can be quite painful and troublesome if not treated properly. Always remember to keep hygiene and cleanliness during climate change.


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