Digital Addiction in Kids: How Much is Too Much

Divya Tripathi

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It was a wonderful childhood in the 80s or 90s. In the middle of the afternoon playing football or cricket, riding bicycles or playing hide and seek with friends. There were only a few channels on the television and parents scowled if you were in front of it for too long. Now, for the new millennium, they have the digital world like the desktop, then the laptop and finally the smartphone, change the lives of kids and somehow this digital addiction become the part of the life of kids.


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The new generation kids started with video games, play stations and then they entered to social media and now its life-threatening prospects! Well, when kids are stuck to the screen, good parenting needs to help your kids to develop social communication skills and monitoring their use of social media. This is the key to ensure that your kid doesn’t get trapped in the world of digital addiction.

Common Questions to Assess, Is Your Baby Have Digital addiction:



It’s a thin line that can be hard to assess, but consider the following signs of a possible ‘digital addiction’.



  • Lack of interest in other activities: Have your kid stopped enjoying or seeking out the other things they used to enjoy? Would they always choose screen time over any other activity?



  • Constant Distraction by Technology. Are you unable to communicate with your kid or getting attention when your kid is using digital devices? Are they always anxiously waiting until they can get online for the next time?



  • Problematic Behavior when Unable to Access Digital Devices. Is there bad behavior or shows excessive tantrums when they’re not able to access their phones or digital device?



  • Does your kid become aggressive or act out of character?



  • Constant talking about ‘screen time’. The time when your kid is not using screens, are they frequently referring to them, in one way or another sigh of digital addiction?



  • Withdrawal symptoms. Does your kid seem anxious, distressed or upset when they can’t access their smartphones? And then get calmer once they can?


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Tips to Keep Away Your Children From Digital Addiction:



1. Set a Time Limit



Actually, there is a need to be set clear boundaries on the amount of time your kid spent a day on the digital devices, The time should be an hour during the weekdays, but not more than 2 hours more on the weekends.



2. Equal Time for Playing Outdoors.


At least your kid should spend an hour outside for activities like cycling, skating and playing with friends. We felt it was very important to do exercise and get socialize.



3. Homework Takes Priority.


All homework needs to be done before using digital devices to play. It’s obvious if your kids needed to use the digital devices for school work that was taken into consideration.



4. Family Time Takes Precedence.


Spending family time is of great importance. Try to spend time with your kids which help them to stay away from the gadgets.



5. Open Door Policy.


Always ask your children to keep their doors open while they are using their gadgets. Check on the games what they are playing or what they are looking up. When possible, especially if your kids are younger, sit with them, watch and interact.







Nowadays digital addiction is common in kids they spend most of the time in front of the screen. But it is bad for their mental as well as physical health. Try these tips and keep your kids away from the access usage of electronic gadgets. But if your kids are not listening to you, you can consult a doctor for counseling.


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