Know About Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Cost In India

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Gallbladder cancer is a rare but very serious disease. While the symptoms of other cancers show up early, the symptoms of gallbladder cancer are usually not visible until it’s in the later stages. It’s vital to get treated hence visit a doctor as soon as possible to get treated and live a healthy lifestyle. If you are confused about your situation you can contact us to know everything bout gallbladder cancer treatment cost and procedure.


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Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Cost And Procedure


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What are the symptoms of gallbladder cancer?


The symptoms of gallbladder cancer show up late sometimes in the later stages, hence it is very important to visit a doctor as soon as you notice its symptoms. 


Gallbladder cancer signs and symptoms may include:


  • Abdominal bloating
  • Losing weight without trying
  • Jaundice
  • Abdominal pain, usually in the upper right portion of the abdomen


What causes gallbladder cancer?


The causes of gallbladder cancer are not clear. Doctors know that gallbladder cancer forms as a result of DNA mutations. A cell’s DNA contains the instructions that inform a cell what to do.


There are a few factors that can increase the risk of gallbladder cancer 


  • Your sex. Gallbladder cancer is more common in females.
  • Your age. The risk of gallbladder cancer increases with age.
  • A history of gallstones. People who have gallstones or have gallstones are at more risk of gallbladder cancer. 
  • Other gallbladder diseases and conditions. Other gallbladder diseases that can increase the risk of gallbladder cancer include chronic inflammation, polyps, and infection.
  • Inflammation in the bile ducts. 


What is gallbladder cancer treatment cost in India?


In India, the gallbladder cancer treatment cost is between USD 6000 to USD 8000, which I less than one-third of the treatment cost in most countries. What would be better than getting world-class treatment within your budget? Click here to get cost-effective and hustle-free treatment with GoMedii. 


What is the diagnosis for gallbladder treatment?


Gallbladder Cancer Treatment Cost In India, symptoms of gallbladder cancer, Signs of gallbladder cancer, causes of gallbladder cancer, diagnosis for gallbladder treatment, treatment for gallbladder cancer in india


To know the extent and stage of the cancer doctor will perform a few tests, these tests and procedures used to diagnose gallbladder cancer include:


  • Blood tests. 
  • Imaging tests. 
  • Exploratory surgery. 
  • Tests to examine the bile ducts. 
  • Additional imaging tests. 


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What is the treatment for gallbladder cancer?


Gallbladder cancer treatment options available to you depend on the stage of cancer and your overall health. The initial goal of treatment is to remove gallbladder cancer, but when that isn’t possible, other therapies can help control the spread of the disease and keep you as comfortable as possible.




Surgery is the most common option if you have early-stage gallbladder cancer. Two types of surgeries are performed according to the extent of the cancer, these surgeries are:


  • Surgery to remove the gallbladder. Early gallbladder cancer that is confined only to the gallbladder is treated with a procedure to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy).


  • Surgery to remove the gallbladder and the affected portion of the liver. Gallbladder cancer that has extended beyond the gallbladder and into the liver is generally treated with surgery to remove the gallbladder, as well as the affected portions of the liver and bile ducts that surround the gallbladder.




During chemotherapy drugs are used to kill rapidly growing cells, including cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be administered through a vein in the arm, in pill form, or both.


Radiation therapy


During radiation therapy doctors uses high-powered beams of energy, such as X-rays and protons, to kill cancer cells. The energy beams come from a machine that moves around the patient as they lie on a table.


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