Diabetes Control with Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Divya Tripathi

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If you are dealing with diabetes then it becomes mandatory for you to do regular monitoring of your glucose level. Glucose monitoring helps you as well as your doctor to manage your diabetes. So it is as important to take medicine and taking proper diet a which help you to manage diabetes. Continue reading this blog to know the tips for glucose monitoring.


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What is Blood Glucose Monitoring?



Testing regularly your blood sugar level is one of the best ways to learn your diabetes and how different foods, activities, and medications affect your diabetes. Keeping track of your blood glucose may help you as well as your doctor makes a plan to manage your diabetes.



People use portable blood glucose meters, which is known as glucometers, to check their blood glocose levels. These work wonderfully by a small amount of blood, usually from a fingertip.



Benefits of Sugar Glucose Monitoring:



Regular glucose monitoring is the way which helps people with diabetes to learn about their condition. When your doctor needs to make important decisions about medication dosage diet and exercise, knowing your blood glucose levels will help him.


By checking the blood glucose levels regularly, you’ll get to know when the blood sugar is too high or too low, both of which can cause serious health problems.


Your doctor will describe a target range for your blood glucose which is based on your age, type of diabetes, overall health, and other factors. It’s important to keep your sugar levels within your target range as best as you can.



Risks of Blood Glucose Monitoring



Risks from the blood glucose test are actually very minimal and much lower than the risks of not monitoring your blood glucose levels.


If you share the needles and testing supplies with anyone else, you’re at an increased risk of spreading diseases, like:




  • hepatitis C


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6 Tips for Successful Glucose Monitoring




1. Keep your glucose meter and supplies with you at all times: You should always keep your glucometer along with the strips and the lancets which help you to monitor your blood sugar level at whenever you need.


2. Keep track of your testing strips: Make sure the testing strips aren’t expired. Keep the testing strips out of sunlight and away from moisture. It’s best to keep the monitoring machine at room temperature or cooler, but not freezing.


3. Routine to Monitor Glucose: Maintain a routine for how frequently and when you should test your blood sugar.


4. Don’t assume that your meter is correct: Most meters come along with a control solution which allows you to test to know the accuracy of the meter and stripe. Take your blood glucose meter to the next visit to your doctor. Compare the results to see if there are any discrepancies.


5. Create a journal to log your glucose sugar each time you test it: There are some apps which are available that can help you track the information and keep a running tally of your average blood sugar. You can also record the time of day when you’re testing and how long it’s been since you last ate.


6. Take steps to prevent infection: To avoid infection, practice the strategies advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Trusted Source for safe injections. Don’t share your blood sugar monitoring machine with someone else, dispose of the strip and lancet after each use.





As a bottom line, you should closely monitor your glucose level to manage diabetes. You should regularly consult a doctor and go for the regular body checkup which help prevents you from a complication of diabetes.


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