Hemimegalencephaly Treatment in Noida, Solution To Rare Condition

Some of the conditions in our bodies are not exactly known to us. While you know that the brain can be affected by various conditions, those conditions do not always sound very common. Just like Hemimegalencephaly Treatment in Noida is not something you would have heard someone talk or search about, have you? Yet, we must understand why is it a serious condition. What are the causes and symptoms of Hemimegalencephaly? How do you get Hemimegalencephaly diagnosed?

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Hemimegalencephaly Treatment in Noida

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Hemimegalencephaly is an extremely rare condition where one half of the brain’s cerebral cortex is larger than the other. The neurons in the enlarged half are typically malformed.

Cytoarchitecture is one type of deformity. It can include various types of cortical dysplasias such as polymicrogyria, pachygyria, and other brain malformations. Often, the corpus callosum is poorly formed or absent. The ventricles of the brain may be enlarged as well due to hydrocephalus.

Treatment for Hemimegalencephaly

Hemispherectomy is one of the most famous treatments and you get it done if you choose Hemimegalencephaly Treatment in Noida. Hemispherectomy for hemimegalencephaly is particularly difficult for many reasons: often the blood vessels are malformed, making them difficult to locate and cut during surgery, and can sometimes cause excessive bleeding.

The surgery is difficult because the familiar landmarks the surgeon uses to identify various structures are often missing. Your surgeon should not only have experience performing hemispherectomy, but should also be experienced performing hemispherectomy on infants with hemimegalencephaly. This makes it very important that you choose the right doctor.

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What are the Hemimegalencephaly symptoms?

They say, to knowing what might harm you gives you a better way to be safe from it. The signs and symptoms can help you make the right decision Hemimegalencephaly Treatment in Noida.

The seizures usually do not decline in severity or number. There may be movement or motor deficits on the side opposite to the HME. HME may occur in association with other syndromes, such as

  • Proteus syndrome,
  • Epidermal nevus syndrome,
  • Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC),
  • Linear sebaceous nevus syndrome,
  • Neurofibromatosis, and
  • Sturge-Weber syndrome

These are associated with abnormalities of skin pigmentation that can be detected on physical examination.

How Long Is Hemimegalencephaly life expectancy?

One can extend their lives if the condition is well diagnosed and attended at a really early stage of their lives. This can help a child live long and have lesser seizures.

Is Hemimegalencephaly curable?

Yes, it is curable when received the right kind of attention from the correct doctor groups. We would suggest you to get Hemimegalencephaly Treatment in Noida.

How is Hemimegalencephaly diagnosed?

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Examination by MRI is usually sufficient to confirm a suspected case of HME. Thus, an MRI examination should be performed as soon as HME is suspected. Seizures are diagnosed and defined by electroencephalography (EEG).

What causes Hemimegalencephaly?

The condition is rare is not associated with just one cause. One must know the cause through a good diagnosis. The disorder most of them say happens because the cells of one hemisphere of the brain grow much more rapidly than do the corresponding cells of the other half of the brain.

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When is Hemimegalencephaly diagnosed?

It depends on how early in childhood or infant age does it show the signs of the child suffering from the condition. In case you feel that any above-mentioned symptoms are present, you must contact us for Hemimegalencephaly Treatment in Noida.

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