High Protein Foods for Weight Loss That Help to Shed Off Unwanted Fat

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When we think about Indian food you instantly remember greasy curries, buttery parathas or deep-fried pakodas. This is how Indian food prepares across the world, and which is not entirely wrong either. But, Indian food has a very rich range of super healthy foods too. If you think avocado, quinoa, and salmon are beyond your understanding, then it is okay. If you are on a weight loss diet, you would find sufficient help in your regular kitchen cabinet too. Nuts, Pulses, seeds, and dairy which you buy every day are high protein foods for weight loss. Protein also helps to regulate the hunger hormone ghrelin that checks cravings and facilitate weight loss.


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Here are 5 Best High Protein Foods For Weight Loss :


1. Moong Dal


High Protein Foods for Weight Loss That Help to Shed Off Unwanted Fat


Moong Dal is a versatile Indian lentil is an excellent source of fiber and high protein foods for weight loss that you must add to your diet. It is one of the best and easily available plant-based sources of protein. 100 grams of moong lentil contains around 24 grams of proteins. It can also be used to prepare many other delicious dishes like moong dal ka chila, moong dal khichdi or moong dal sprouts.


2. Chaas


High Protein Foods for Weight Loss That Help to Shed Off Unwanted Fat



Buttermilk or Chaas, is an Indian summer major, we cannot enjoy meal without it. It is made by whisk yogurt, Buttermilk is often mixed with a special spice-mix that is said to be good for digestion. Digestion is the best key to healthy weight loss. Yogurt and all dairy goods for that matter are high protein foods for weight loss. Yogurt is a probiotic too, which helps feed good bacteria in your gut which is linked to healthy weight loss.


3. Raita


High Protein Foods for Weight Loss That Help to Shed Off Unwanted Fat


Raita is another cool desi summer side dish that we usually have along with lunch or dinner. Besides, helping in digesting food, it can also help you burn your stubborn fat. Raita is prepared from yogurt and an excellent source of vegetarian protein. The best part about raita is the room it gives you to experiment, you can add veggies and fruits of your choice to it and have a sumptuous treat.


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4. Chicken Tikka


High Protein Foods for Weight Loss That Help to Shed Off Unwanted Fat


Surprised? Please, Don’t be. You are not the one to associate diet food with all things boring and bland. Chicken tikka, especially when it is made at home, is one of the incredible high protein foods for weight loss. Chicken is known as one of the best sources of lean protein. Now, coming to the preparation, since tikka is not fried, it is roasted, it saves you the excess calories you would find in a deep-fried item. You should balance it with veggies and healthy grains for complete nutrition. Remember, moderation is the key to weight loss.


5. Palak Paneer:


High Protein Foods for Weight Loss That Help to Shed Off Unwanted Fat



Being a dairy product paneer is also a great source of protein. When the high protein foods are mixed with the fiber-rich goodness of spinach, it makes for a wholesome weight loss friendly food. A lot of us can enjoy having a bowlful of palak paneer with a ball of butter on top. But, butter is packed with saturated fats; so, it is a good idea to avoid the same.



Here we have discussed Indian high protein foods for weight loss which help to reduce unwanted fat and keep you healthy and fit. These healthy foods not only help you to lose fat also keep to fresh in hot summers. If, you are planning to go a diet plan then consult your doctor first about your diet plan and find the best one which suits you.


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