Holi 2019: Top 12 Tips for Healthy and Safe Holi

Divya Tripathi

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Holi is considered as the festival of fun, frolic, and colors. Well, it’s a celebration of everything which is actually lively and youthful. While celebrating Holi, we cannot compromise with our health for the sake of fun. As we know that all Indian festivals are diverse and it’s a joy to enjoy every single custom and tradition related to them. And of course, Holi is one of them. In fact, it’s one of the most favorite Hindu festivals and is celebrated across the world. But, a lot of people also do such activities which aren’t actually safe and healthy. As the use of chemicals in colors is sadly very common during Holi.


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Tips for Healthy and Safe Holi:


Here are some tips for healthy and safe Holi:


1. Keep your kids at a safe distance from the bonfire on the Holi eve


2. While playing Holi, it’s important to protect yourself from synthetic colors, which usually contain ingredients like a lead oxide, mercury sulfide, or aluminium bromide. That can penetrate your skin and cause various health problems.


3. Try to use homemade colors which are made from turmeric, marigold flowers or herbal colors; else you can buy herbal colors. Use light red or pink color, which look good and can easily be taken off. Avoid bright colors like green, purple, yellow and orange as these contain harmful ingredients.


4. Apply a moisturizing lotion or oil on your face, arms, legs or the other part of the skin which are open. You can also use a waterproof sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.


5. Hair can become super dry due to Holi colors. Protect your hair with harmful chemicals, dirt, and dust by massaging the hair with oil. Wear a cap before moving out to play Holi.


6. Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and if color enters your eyes, then immediately rinse them with cold water.


7. Do not use any harsh shampoo and soaps to remove the color. Always use mild soap as well as shampoo followed by conditioner for your hair. Avoid using chemicals like kerosene, petrol, and spirits to remove stains it can lead to dry skin.


8. If you are feeling any irritation or itching then immediately wash off the colors from your body.


9. Try to avoid wasting too much water. Also, avoid throwing water balloons from long distance as they can injure someone.


10. Do not throw color to street animals and pets. It can be extremely harmful to those animals.


11. Stay hydrated by drinking water. Water helps get rid of excess toxins and keeps the harmful chemicals away from being absorbed into the skin.


12. Contaminated khoya or mawa is sadly very common in the market during Holi time. Make sure that the content you are using is pure before you put them in sweets. The best way to protect yourself from contaminated food is to use homemade khoya and mawa.




Here, are the tips for healthy and safe holi it will help you stay safe during holi. But, If you feel any problem related to your skin then don’t ignore it and consult a doctor as soon as possible else it can harm your skin badly.


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