Bringing Healthcare To Your Homes With Teleconsultation

Somya Verma

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While everyone is locked down, taking care of your health is our responsibility. We as a company have come up with solutions to provide you the care you need. Teleconsultation has become a widely accepted and new way to make sure you are kept in good health. A lot of us might think, it does no good, but that is wrong. Here are some of the benefits of teleconsultation that might just change your mind. Download the GoMedii app and enjoy the best team of doctors available for your help.


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What is teleconsultation?


Teleconsultation is supportive of the methods of providing and making sure that healthcare reaches to the maximum. It is a healthcare consultation carried out remotely using audiovisual telecommunications between doctor and patient.


Benefits that you can get from teleconsultation:


With concepts like no contact deliveries and social distancing in town, you have teleconsultation making great efforts in bringing care to those who need it. Here are some benefits that it gives to the patients.


a. Health becomes even more accessible


You are able to access healthcare in a better way. How? The doctors are available on call, you do not have to take the trouble to go to their clinic. In most cases, you do not need a physical to examine, hence, you can deal with problems at a telephonic level also.


b. The best solution to social distancing


Going to hospitals is scary right now. You would rather stay at home and receive the care, than going out and doing so. In this sense teleconsultation is a great option.


c. Telemedicine reduces healthcare costs


Telemedicine can increase the efficiency of care delivery, reduce expenses of caring for patients or transporting to another location, and can even keep patients out of the hospital. In fact, one study showed that telemedicine care had 19 percent savings over inpatient care costs.


d. Bring patient and doctors closer


Telephonic consultations make sure that there is more engagement. In this case, there are more people reached. A strong doctor-patient relationship is the foundation for high-quality patient care and reducing health care costs. Telemedicine should support, not replace, traditional care delivery.


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How is GoMedii bringing teleconsultation?


It is time you know how we are making sure that teleconsultation reaches you in a better way. Here are the steps to follow, once you visit our website or download our app and follow the steps:


1: Download our app or visit our website


2: Click on “Doctor” tab


3: Select or search the expert you are looking for


4: Tap on the “Teleconsult” or “Video Consult”


5: Fill in your details and choose the slot


There you go! In 5 easy steps, you can get your teleconsultation done at GoMedii.


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