11 Insomnia Myths And Facts, Just Got Busted

Somya Verma

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Remember those memes that said, ” I am not getting sleep, am I in Love?” To which the reply would be “You have insomnia, no one loves you”. We are sorry for the latter, but the fact about you not getting sleep and insomnia is actually true. We would tell you insomnia myths and facts which no one told you. You think it might be a few days of extra work or something else but, no it can be more. Want to know more? Get down reading this blog here.


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Watch Out for These Insomnia Myths and Facts


You are going to be surprised, so make sure you have your doubts cleared and know more about why it is trouble sleeping at night!


Do you think insomnia is all psychology? Think again


Myth: It is not all about you thinking, though stress can be one of the reasons, it is not the only reason. There is more than just the mental state. Boom! Breaking Insomnia myth in seconds!


I had a good sleep after a tiring workout session! Yes, you did


Fact: Strenuous exercise can make you more alert. It also increases your body temperature, which may stay elevated for as many as six hours. So if you really want this to work, you must work out at least 2-3 hrs before your sleep. Avoid exercising late, but let us tell you one thing, it helps to have better sleep.


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I will watch Netflix and sleep, uuuh! No sweetie, you won’t


Myth: While most of us think that watching the screen will tire us and make our eyes sore, we are wrong. It is not unless you eat a kg of rice to make you yawn, your bedtime stories are not happening.


Ready to Pop your sleeping pills and think it’s all good?


Myth: Nothing that hampers the normal and natural body process is without risk. So, if you think you are all good with those pills no affecting you but getting the job done, you are WRONG! Always talk to your doctor before using sleeping pills. Some sleep aids can help relieve insomnia symptoms temporarily. They can’t cure insomnia.


Let’s get a drink before you sleep? You won’t sleep


Myth: While most think that a hard-earned day can be easily done with alcohol, I guess they are wrong. It “CAN” make you sleep but in the long run, does exactly the opposite one must tell you.


Taking a nap cures insomnia


Myth: No it does not. It depends on the body, how much time it takes to refresh and replenish. Do not fool yourself with the idea that small naps are what can help you get away! Here we broke one more insomnia myth and facts!


You will learn to sleep, Less


Myth: Please do not believe this, it is a scam! An adult needs 7-8 hrs of sleep and you must take it. It only keeps your mind and body healthy!


Leave heaven to come back to it


Fact: What we are trying to say is, if the bed is not helping you sleep, getaway and relax. Tossing and turning for a half hour or more in bed? It’s OK to get up to read or listen to relaxing music. A quiet activity can help you relax and feel sleepy.


The body should be trained


Fact: You must understand that your body listens to what you say to it. If you consistently take a warm bath or read, your sleep pattern is better and you get what you wanted, your precious sleep! Also, how about this relaxing technique breaking the insomnia myth and facts?


Insomnia is not an Ex who will leave on its own


Myth: No these sleep problems do not go on their own. It might lead to the point where medication is what you will be forced to get.


I am a nightcrawler! Don’t be


Myth: People think, any time is the best time for sleep. This is not correct. The time during darkness is and must be preferred. Studies have demonstrated that the timing of sleep matters, and it’s best to sleep as much as possible during hours of darkness. Hey you, The dark knight did you rise to hear the insomnia myths and facts?


We hope that this idea about insomnia myths and facts will help you get better and healthier. It is nice to have a good and sound mind. Hope to see you here soon! And if you worried about your finishing meds, then Order Online Medicine From GoMEdii!


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