Is Beard Growing Good For You?

Vaibhav Saxena

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Beards are loved by many people, no matter it be a male or female everyone loves the masculine emerges with a well-grown beard. Beard has been a symbol of manliness and strength from ancient times from Greek gods to recent celebrities everyone has grown a handsome beard at least for once.


There is one particular query that keeps on wandering in mind of health-conscious people that whether beard growing good and healthy or not. Are there any risks? Are there any traumatic skin problems? Is it okay or not? Yes, it is unobjectionable to have such questions in mind.


There are many myths about beard growing as well so to scrape away all of them in one hit lets learn about the real facts and information regarding your beloved beard.

Underlying a curated list of 8 reasons why beard growing is good for you



1. Say NO to Cancer

UV (Ultra Violet) rays are extremely harmful and ailment causing element of nature. Sun rays are the caterer of UV rays. One can’t hide from sun rays forever but yes, your beard can easily hinder the passage of rays to your skin. Beards effectively halt 90-95 percent of UV rays to get in contact with your skin which avoids skin cancer problem.


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2. Slows the Aging Process

Beard is an essential body part which lets you say no to wrinkles. As we discussed earlier that UV rays are filtered by these handsome hair on your face which eventually avoids wrinkles to appear on your face. There are many reasons that beard is the symbol of beauty for men and anti-wrinkle property is one of them.


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3. Eliminates Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Beard teaming with nasal hair acts as an allergen trapping agent. Beard filters the allergens which cause pollen allergy and stops the passage of asthma-causing allergens to enter into the respiratory tract.


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4. Moisturised Skin

Beard growing is a great choice for sure as for many reasons. The biggest reason is that beard acts as the barrier for your skin to stay protected from all kinds of harmful substances. Dusty and polluted wind remains an inch away from your skin which reduces the dryness and the skin remains moisturized most of the time.



5. No Infections

If you are growing a beard so eventually the use of razor will be on halt which is good for you as the use of razor has many harmful consequences like acne, cuts, bumps and razor rash which all are prevented by the ultimate beard.



6. Fewer Bacterial Problems

A recent study shows that an antibiotic bacteria is found in the grown hair of beard which eliminates the growth of bacteria so it is now proven that bearded people are going to very few bacterial problems around their face.


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7. Builds Positivity

A survey was conducted to analyze the nature of beard growing against cleanly shaved people by 64 people. It was concluded that people who are growing beard to full length or at a pretty long length are more confident, positive, beautiful and mature in life.



8. Lesser Gum Problems

Beard and mustache together act as a filter to cut out the invasion of airborne bacteria which is responsible for spreading many gum related problems. Also, keep in mind that beard is just extra protection for your oral health and you must maintain oral hygiene regularly.



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Growing Beard has become a trend or can say a cult from past many years. People especially men are the admirer of many different size and shape of beards like chin-strap, the goatee, the neckbeard, Viking style and the Van Dyke. Also, learn all these health benefits which are essential for you and tell all of the Pogonophobes about it.

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