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Keyhole heart surgery is the key to deal with various heart problems. The human heart is the most important organ. As we all know the heart pumps blood around the body. Blood sends oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. Sometimes our bad habits cause damage to the heart. After that, the whole body is affected and you may need heart surgery. Here we will tell you about Keyhole heart surgery in detail.


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What Is Keyhole Heart Surgery?


Keyhole Heart Surgery, Cost of Keyhole Heart Surgery, Mechanical valves, Biological valve, Keyhole Heart Surgery Mitral Valve


Keyhole heart surgery is also known as minimally invasive. It is a good option instead of traditional open-heart surgery. The doctor will use a small cut on the chest. In this procedure, the breastbone to be broken is not required. A cardiologist will use the gap between the ribs to perform the keyhole heart surgery. Sometimes they can also use instruments.


In Which Conditions A Keyhole Heart Surgery Required?


This surgery is required in any of these conditions. It includes:


  • Aortic valve regurgitation


  • Aortic valve stenosis


  • Tricuspid valve disease


  • Mitral valve regurgitation


  • Mitral valve stenosis


  • Atrial fibrillation


  • Coronary artery bypass surgery (to remove heart tumor and close the heart hole)


What Is The Cost of Keyhole Heart Surgery?


The average cost of keyhole heart surgery will be around 4500 USD to 6000 USD. India is a well-known country for providing affordable medical care treatment facilities.


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Keyhole Surgery For Heart Valve Replacement?


Heart Valve replacement surgery is performed to replace a valve in the heart. It is also called heart valve disease. It is also an MV surgery. The doctor will decide to perform this surgery when a person’s valve is not working properly. There are two types. which are:


Mechanical valves


Keyhole Heart Surgery, Cost of Keyhole Heart Surgery, Mechanical valves, Biological valve, Keyhole Heart Surgery Mitral Valve



The doctor will replace the old valve with a mechanical valve. Sometimes doctors can use a catheter to replace the valve. This surgery is durable and patients can last for a long time. The doctor also uses a fabric ring to sew the valve. After the procedure, some patients have problems like a blood clot. If this happens to you. Then you will have to take blood-thinning medications for the rest of your life.


Biological valve


Keyhole Heart Surgery, Cost of Keyhole Heart Surgery, Mechanical valves, Biological valve, Keyhole Heart Surgery Mitral Valve


When this procedure is used, the doctor will use tissue from humans or animals. It is usually made from pig or cow tissue. They are similar to valves in the human heart. Sometimes valves may come from your own tissue. Biological valves are durable only in older patients and in the aortic position. After biological valve replacement, blood-thinning medication is used for a short time.


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Know The Keyhole Heart Surgery Mitral Valve?


In the MV the replacements are performed to treat related diseases. Sometimes surgery can be done with a longer instrument as well. Rest, let the doctor decide? A doctor will make a small incision over the right rib cage. This surgery does not require a cut in the bone, hence no pain!


Mitral valve Repair


The doctor in this procedure connects the leaflets, filling up holes in a valve. It is done by replacing cords that support the valve to repair the structural support. The separation of valve leaflets take place. These have come together, and remove the excess valve tissue so that the leaflets can close tightly.


The doctor will use an annuloplasty procedure. It will reinforce the ring around the valve or tighten it. If the mitral valve is narrowed opening. Then the doctor may use a catheter and this procedure is called a balloon valvuloplasty.


Mitral valve replacement


In case the mitral valve cannot be repaired. Then the doctor may recommend mitral valve replacement. In this procedure, the doctor removes the mitral valve and replaces it with a mechanical valve or biological valve.


How Long Does It Take?


It is depending on the surgery chosen by the doctor according to the patient’s conditions. Before treatment, your doctor will tell you. In most cases, surgery lasts 40 minutes to 4 hours.


Is Keyhole Heart Surgery Common?


A keyhole heart surgery is common to treat heart-related diseases. It is more used in patients with isolated disease of the left anterior descending artery (LAD). It is a very important branch of the left coronary artery. Doctors use this technique to graft more than one vessel.


What Are The Benefits Of This Surgery?


When it comes to the benefits of keyhole heart surgery. It includes:


  • No broken bone


  • Less bleeding


  • Minimal pain


  • Heals within 7 days


  • Resume activity within days


  • No bone infection risk


  • Superior cosmetic appeal




Once the surgery is complete, the health care provider will closely monitor the patient’s health. The doctor will recommend some medication. They will also suggest lifestyle changes for the speedy recovery of the patients.


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