Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy For A Healthy Heart

Shikhar Atri

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What Congestive heart failure cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) is to help the patient heartbeat with the right rhythm. If you are not aware so it uses a pacemaker to restore the normal timing pattern of the patient’s heartbeat.


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This therapy will coordinate how the timing of the upper heart chambers (atria) and the lower heart chambers (ventricles). Cardiac resynchronization therapy also works on the timing between the left and right sides of the heart.


In case a patient heart doesn’t pump strongly enough, then it can lead to fluid build-up in your lungs and your legs and it is called heart failure. This happens when the two bottom chambers (ventricles) of your heart don’t beat at the same time.


What is Congestive Heart Failure Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy?


In this procedure, implanting a half-dollar-sized pacemaker, just below the collarbone. It connected with three wires, and the monitor detects heart rate irregularities and emits tiny pulses of electricity to correct them. In effect, it is “resynchronizing” the patient heart.


This device very help full for those who have serious heart rhythm problems. This device, it may be combined with the CRT. Congestive heart failure cardiac resynchronization therapy will depend on the patient’s health and this decision is taken by the doctor.


Benefits of Congestive heart failure therapy?



When we are talking about the benefits so CRT improves the heart’s efficiency and increases blood flow, so many patients have reported alleviations of some heart failure symptoms – such as shortness of breath. Experts say that it can decrease hospitalization and morbidity as well as it also improves the quality of life.


Why You Might Need The Therapy?


Your health care provider may closely examine your health and then they suggest CRT for the following reasons:


  • Some tests show that your heart is weak and enlarged.


  • The pumping chambers of the patient’s (ventricles) heart are not working together.


  • In case you have moderate to severe heart failure symptoms.


  • Certain medicines and your lifestyle changes are not working well enough to control your heart failure.


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What Are The Risks Of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy?


Congestive heart failure cardiac resynchronization therapy is not considered a dangerous procedure. But when you compare with other surgery, it carries some risks. They include:


  • Infection


  • Bleeding


  • Injury to a blood vessel


  • Reaction to the anesthesia


  • Heart rhythm problems


  • Sometimes mechanical problems with the CRT device


  • Due to CRT swelling or bruising in your upper chest area


Some other risks vary from your specific medical condition. You have to discuss this with your doctor before undergoing the procedure.


Who Is A Right Candidate For CRT?


When we are talking about who is the good candidate for congestive heart failure cardiac resynchronization therapy, those who have moderate to serve symptoms of heart failure, and whose left and right heart chambers do not beat in unison.

Experts say that CRT is not effective for every patient and it is not for those who do not have issues with the chambers not beating together, mild heart failure symptoms, or diastolic heart failure. In studies till now, CRT to be equally effective for both men and women.




When it comes to risk so all medical procedures come with a certain type of risk. But the specific risks of CTC depend on the type of implant and your overall health.


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