How To Manage Home Isolation With Mild Symptoms

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As we all know, The cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day which is creating so much mess in Hospitals,. Patients are finding it difficult to get admitted to hospitals that is why our government has advised getting home isolation.


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Home isolation is a unique and helpful way of getting the treatment as people don’t find it difficult to stay at home compared to the hospital full of patients. Doctors assign a particular caretaker to help the patient improve faster.


How to manage home isolation


Eligibility for home isolation should be assigned clinically by the doctor, Patients should have proper facilities at their home for quarantine and the family members should keep at least 8 feet of distance from the patient.


Home Isolation is not for those who have a chronic disease like (Cancer, HIV, Transplant recipients, etc..) and also who are more than 60 years old as their respiratory system starts weakening.


The Health Ministry stated that immediate action needs to be taken if the condition of patients becomes critical like difficulty in breathing, weakness, numbness on the face, Pain or pressure in the chest, confusion, inability to stand up.


The surveillance team or field staff needs to check the status of patients every day and report to the center to follow up. they need to visit the patient. The team gives instructions to the family so that the family members can take precautions.


The team regularly check the patient’s condition as well as test family members to find if any of them gets infected or not. They only allows one person to give clothes or food to the patients and separate the rest of the members of the patient.


The patients are instructed to wear an N-95 mask and gloves whenever other people come close to give food or clothes.


Patients will be discharged from home isolation only when approved by the field team and the certificate for fitness will be given by the field team.


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What Are The Mild Symptoms Of COVID-19?


People suffering from COVID-19 might have faced various symptoms ranging from mild to severe illness. Symptoms occur within 2-14 days after exposure to the COVID-19, Symptoms can be:




  • Shortness of breath or difficulty


  • Fatigue


  • Muscle or body aches



  • New loss of taste or smell


  • Sore throat


  • Congestion or runny nose


  • Nausea or vomiting


  • Diarrhea


Studies have proven that many patients didn’t have any symptoms but are COVID-19 Positive these cases are known as asymptomatic. It is very difficult to find these cases as the patients themselves don’t know that they are COVID positive until the test is done.


Older people will tend to suffer more as this disease is directly related to age. More the age higher the chances of getting the disease. Similarly, people who have a chronic disease like cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc.. are likely to be affected.


Daily Routine during home isolation


As the corona cases are progressing daily with a huge margin, The government has decided to allow home isolation. Patients who have mild or very mild symptoms are allowed to stay at home and get treatment.


Recovering from the disease doesn’t mean that one should spend time here and there and wait for the quarantine time to get over. Patients should follow some basic guidelines recommended by the doctor. The one has to take complete eight hours of sleep, Proper hydration, Maintaining a positive attitude to help in recovering faster.


The general norms given to an infected person are about 14 days of quarantine. But in general, it would suggest at least 25 days of quarantine for the betterment of the patient, family, and community. Anything that boosts the immunity will be better for the patient to consume and feel healthier.




Covid-19 is very unpredictable as it is a new disease. Many scientists are working on it and trying to find the best vaccine for this pandemic. Stay home stay safe, take regular precautions, and follow above shared home isolation and be in touch with your doctor.


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