Do Not Ignore Muscle Weakness!

Somya Verma

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Over exhaustion and exertion of our body puts a lot of pressure on the body. There is a limit to which the human body can take exertion and we should be aware of the capabilities we can achieve with our body. In case we overdo our body, there are difficulties that we have to face. One of them is muscle weakness. It occurs mostly due to lack of proper diet being followed or has genetic reasons as well.


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While most of the times it is seen that our body suffers from Muscle fatigue, we do not know the reasons. In order to be in fit shape and body, we exert ourselves to the extent that we forget about the saturation point of our muscle movement. When Muscle fatigue kicks in the body are not able to perform as per the efficiency it should.



Muscle Weakness


Weakness can be described as a decrease in strength in one or more muscles. In the technical terms, the medical definition of weakness is the loss of muscle strength. Weakness may affect one muscle or muscle group exclusively. Diseases of the neuromuscular system, injuries, metabolic diseases, and toxins can all cause measurable muscle weakness.



We usually miss the signs of muscle weakness as we consider it just a mild pain if we feel weak. We categorize it as normal exertion and tend to ignore it.


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Symptoms of Muscle Weakness:




Sore muscles are full proof evidence that the body is suffering from some of the other muscle weakness issues. One should consider a brief checkup by the doctor.


Localized Pain:


If it is to see that a particular muscle is troubling, it will definitely have a localized pain spot. It is an indication that the particular area of the muscle is to be paid more attention.


Shortness of Breath:


Short breath takes place when the muscles are not able to perform or are getting tired easily. This can be a strong sign of weakening muscles.


Muscle Twitching:


While it might be a funny thing, twitching muscles are not a good sign. It means that your muscles are getting weaker and need to be taken care of.


Trembling Muscles and Weak Grip:


Trembling muscles and difficulty in having a strong grip are direct signs that you are suffering from fatigue. It is because of overexertion of muscles or the muscles are losing the strength because of lack of nutrition.


These symptoms and further muscle weakness can also be due to the following diseases:




b)Muscle disorders


c)Neural disorders


d)Virus infections (polio)


e)Herniated disk



What one should keep in mind is that any discomfort to the body should not be ignored. It results in high casualties later if not detected at the right time. Muscle weakness usually is a general symptom that can happen with age or improper diet system. It, however, is not advisable that one should continue ignoring the mentioned symptoms for a long period of time. We would advise all our reader to consult the respective doctors or experts in case they feel it is necessary. You can find the list of exceptional experts and doctors for guidance and help with your medical problems.


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