Abscess : A Painful and Swollen Lump

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Infections due to microscopic elements like bacteria and virus can cause great discomfort to the human body. An abscess is one of the infections that might be seen in any part of the body and is caused mainly due to inflammation because of a foreign body like bacteria or virus.


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An abscess is a tender mass which is generally surrounded by a detectable area which might be a patch of color from pink to deep red. Abscesses are often felt very easily by touching. The vast majority of them are caused by infections. They are full of pus, bacteria, and debris. The bump is extremely painful to touch and might cause other problems if it is not treated properly.



Common areas on your body where Abscess can develop:



2)Areas around anus and vagina

3)The base of your spine

4)Around a tooth


6)Hair follicle



One of the main reasons for developing Abscess is the weak immune system, usually, those who have really low immunity get affected by the disease more often. When the skin barrier is broken, from any kind of trauma, or even a small tear, bacteria can very easily enter the skin. An abscess can form while your body prepares defenses trying to kill these germs with an inflammatory response. Obstruction in a sweat or oil gland, or a hair follicle or a pre-existing cyst can also trigger an abscess.



There are some signs that one can get to know when they are developing Abscess. It is necessary to take as much care and precaution as possible to avoid the development of Abscess in your body.


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Symptoms of Abscess



a)A painful, mass that is red, warm to the touch.


b)Most abscesses will continue to worsen without care and proper incision and drainage. The infection can potentially spread to deeper tissues and even into the bloodstream.


c)If the infection spreads, it is high chances that it will cause fever, nausea, vomiting, increasing pain, and increasing skin redness.



Home Remedies of Abscess


While the most decent of all the remedies to Abscess is draining the pus, it is either done by the doctors or by a light compression at home. The common remedies that are adopted are as follows:


1)In case the Abscess is small applying warm compresses to the area for about 30 minutes, four times daily may help.

2)Once the boil is drained out, it should heal on its own, but it will take several weeks.

3)Pushing the Abscess might lead to the infection reaching deeper tissues.

4)Sticking a needle or other sharp instrument into the abscess because it may injure an underlying blood vessel or cause the infection to spread.


It is generally seen that Abscess is not considered to be that harmful, however like any other infection it can cause great discomfort if not treated on time. The home remedies are workable only to an extent where the situation is handy. The symptoms are very general and this results in individuals not paying enough attention. There have been cases where the patient has to visit a doctor. In situations like where the boil gets bigger and more painful, home remedies will not work. It is advised that the doctor and the medication are taken. We would always recommend that prevention is better than cure, so see a doctor before things become more complex.


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