What Is Herd Immunity And How It Works

Shikhar Atri

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In the era of Coronavirus, we have heard many new words. Nowadays one such word is being discussed more, which is also related to our immunity. Everyone wants to know about this. Let’s talk about what is Herd immunity? According to researcher Frank Ball of Nottingham University, every human in the population is required to be vaccinated for immunity.


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During the research, it was revealed that the level of herd immunity fall is due to the activity of people and not their age. People are contacting each other even during epidemics, so they are more at risk of getting infected. In this way, the higher the level of infection in the population, the lower the level of herd immunity.


What is Herd immunity?


To avoid the coronavirus, scientists from all over the world are busy and preparing its vaccine, but some scientists say that herd immunity can also save many lives. The term refers to a reduction in the likelihood of someone catching a specific infectious disease because a significant proportion of the people in that person’s community are immune to it.


If a person does not come in contact with an infected person with the coronavirus, they are also less likely to get infected. A certain group of people might be immune due to past exposure of infection and virus or due to some vaccination took.


How Does Herd Immunity Work?


It depends on the population when most of the people are infected, then the herd immunity development rate is decreasing. In case the virus is not spreading then herd immunity works on the human body, in this scenario you have developed antibodies against the future infection of coronavirus.


It is game-changing against the fight with the COVID-19. If the vaccine develops then you don’t have to worry about it. In India Clinical trials are ongoing, now everyone is waiting for the vaccine.


Herd immunity will only work when people are less in contact with each other. Even though it is not possible if we go back to our regular lives which is now happening since the government has now pulled off the locked down restriction across the country. It could be only effective if people start practicing social distancing and avoid any personal contact.


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Has India also reached Herd immunity?


Indian doctors say “this pandemic cannot be overcome by thinking that tomorrow we will have it. You may not know that herd immunity has failed in the UK. There is no point in saying that India has developed herd immunity. We have tried to contain the virus through the lockdown.”


It develops in children because their immunity is very fresh. Further, he also said many literate people in India think they are already immune to the virus, this approach is very depressing. It has a multiplier effect, if you can develop it, we can protect a large number of people, but it is not so simple in the case of COVID-19. However, most importantly, it can work only when there is some vaccination also.


When we are talking about migrant workers they are walking or getting on vehicles to reach their native places, now we will understand the real picture of the disease because the possibility of transferring the virus is more in the current situation.


As we all know that India is gradually gearing up to learn to live with the virus, several tests, and many strategies, researches are being conducted to ensure a cure for COVID-19. Now it is to see how long the vaccine is developed and when the fear of coronavirus will end.


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