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Remember the commercial in which a boy or a girl would say “I am a Complan, girl/boy”. We know that this line is like a little ride to your childhood. At the same time, it reminds us of the importance of milk for kids. Our mothers running after us to drink milk were for a reason. She always had innumerable reasons, from strong bones to better growth. We can however not deny that they are not wrong. Cow’s milk has been one of the highest sources of calcium that is used in building bones.


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What Nutrients Increase The Importance of Milk for Kids?


It contains a high-quality protein with all nine essential amino acids present in it. It is made up of 80% casein protein, which slowly releases protein at regular intervals of time while the remaining 20% is whey, which is easily digestible and highly absorbed protein helps to build muscle mass, repair body tissues and fight against infections.


In addition to this, cow’s milk also has a fair balance of carbohydrates and fats which complete it as a wholesome meal, hence, it can be called “The Complete Food” for every age group.


Importance of Milk for Kids:


Here are some points for the importance of milk for kids some of which are known but hardly believed in.


1) The Calcium Elixir:


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This is a well-known fact that milk is one of the highest sources of calcium which is easily available. The high calcium content helps you keep your bones stronger.


Also, the importance of milk for kids includes protection from migration. It could occur due to the deficiency of calcium. Good news! Milk also keeps your kid in good health weight wise. It does not allow to be obesity. Milk will help your kid fight the flab, as it also helps to reduce unwanted fat from the body.


Along with physical activity, you can manage your kid’s weight by feeding them with milk. This can be managed well with the consumption of milk.


2) Skincare:


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You must have heard people asking ” did she bathe in milk as a kid?” It is usually referred to as those who have really good skin. It is true, milk has skin importance as well.


Milk has plenty of nutrients that help the skin be in good condition. It contains lactic acid, which can act as an exfoliator, and the enzymes facilitate smooth skin. It also contains amino acids that help maintain skin moisture.


3) Dental Health:


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Strong teeth and bright teeth are personality traits considered attractive. So, train your kids to have milk. Milk is important for dental care and health. The enamel of the teeth requires calcium. Hence, milk is necessary.


Those who are lactose intolerant can go for the choice of soy milk, which along with calcium has protein as well. Apart from that, they are fortified with vitamins and hence are a good substitute for milk.


4) Blood Pressure in Control:


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Yes, this must be a bit not known to you. Do not be surprised. In a lot of case kids at a young age develop blood pressure problems. It is because they have lacked nutrients in the early stages. According to studies, your kids should consume at least three portions of milk each day along with a healthy and balanced diet.


Consuming milk along with a low salt diet keeps your kid’s blood pressure levels in check.


5) Heart health:


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As kids, early nutrition is really important. Something as delicate as heart health needs to be kept in mind. There are various researches that say, milk keeps you safe from heart disease.

Magnesium and potassium very much found in milk serve as vasodilators. There are those which regulate the blood supply to the vital organs.

The peptides present in milk inhibit the synthesis of ACEs, which otherwise would increase the blood pressure level. We all know that high blood pressure harms the blood vessels.


6) Bone Health:


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In kids, the advantage of breast milk is not a secret. It is said that a mother should feed her kid for at least 6 months so that the calcium and vitamins are provided.

This is because bone health is kept in check with milk. Kids who are not given enough calcium and vitamins, as vitamin D suffer from rickets. It is now the time to thank your mother for running after you with a glass of milk, isn’t it?


7) Source of Vitamin D:


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Vitamin D as you know is an important vitamin that must be present in your body. The source of vitamin D other than Sun is the glass of milk your kid runs from. Kids require it more. This is because it helps them stay away from vitamin D deficiency.


It helps to promote bone growth in your kid and will also reduce any chances of brittle bones, especially in later years.

Vitamin D can help to reduce inflammation. It helps boost your kid’s immune system.


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Nutrients and Their Importance of Milk for Kids:


Here are some major nutrients that you might find in milk. This is like a perfect match for health. You must make sure your kid is taking enough milk.


1. Calcium:


It helps in building solid bones and teeth in children and building up bone mass.


2. Protein:


Protein fills in as the best source of energy. It likewise helps in building and fixing your child’s muscle tissues.


3. Phosphorous:


It helps in making the bones stronger and gives the body the necessary movement of other activities.


4. Potassium:


It helps in keeping up a sound circulatory system level and decreasing the danger of cardiovascular diseases.


5. Vitamin D:


It helps in improving bone strength.


6. Vitamin B12:


It helps in keeping up the sound red platelets and nerve tissue.


7. Vitamin A:


The supplement improves your child’s ordinary vision and skin wellbeing.


8. Riboflavin (Vitamin B2):


It helps in changing food into the source of energy.


9. Niacin:


It helps in using the sugars and unsaturated fats in your child’s body.


We are sure by now that looking at the number of importance of milk for kids, you must resolute to feed them with it. It is important the taste is developed. You can use things like Horlicks and Bournvita. Any further doubts can be dealt with by reading our blogs and visiting our website.


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