Low-Cost Craniosynostosis Treatment In India, See How!


The birth of a child is a big thing for any family. It pains if your child is born with any abnormality, why are we mentioning this, well we will tell you. A query came for Low cost craniosynostosis treatment in India. As we knew it was a rare condition, our doctors in India explained what it was. In this blog, we are trying to explain the Craniosynostosis causes, Craniosynostosis symptoms as well as the surgery cost in case if someone suffers.


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Low-Cost craniosynostosis treatment in India


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The treatment cost of most of the rare conditions is very high, however, it is not the same in India. How? The cost of this treatment ranges from 15000USD and can go higher up as per the condition. Is it not Low-Cost craniosynostosis treatment in India

This for that matter is still less than what it could have cost in western countries like the USA and the UK.


What is the Low-Cost Craniosynostosis treatment?


A team that includes a specialist in surgery of the head and face and a specialist in brain surgery generally performs the procedure. Surgery can be done by endoscopic or open surgery. Both types of procedures generally produce very good cosmetic results with a low risk of complications.  Understanding the surgery makes the most of Low cost craniosynostosis treatment in India.


Endoscopic surgery:


This minimally invasive surgery may be considered for babies up to age 6 months. Using a lighted tube and camera (endoscope) inserted through small scalp incisions, the surgeon removes the affected suture to enable your baby’s brain to grow normally.


Compared with an open procedure, endoscopic surgery has a smaller incision, typically involves only a one-night hospital stay, and usually does not require a blood transfusion.


Open surgery:


Generally, for babies older than 6 months, open surgery is done. The surgeon makes an incision in the scalp and cranial bones, then reshapes the affected portion of the skull. The skull position is held in place with plates and screws that are absorbable.


Open surgery typically involves a three- or four-day hospital stay, and blood transfusion is usually necessary. It’s generally a one-time procedure, but in complex cases, multiple open surgeries are often required to correct the baby’s head shape.


What can be the craniosynostosis causes?


Low-Cost Craniosynostosis Treatment In India, Craniosynostosis treatment in india, craniosynostosis causes, Craniosynostosis Symptoms, craniosynostosis types, Cost of Craniosynostosis Treatment In India


Rare diseases or rare conditions mostly are related to genetic. However, let us see the classification:


Syndromic craniosynostosis


One of the causes is Syndromic craniosynostosis which is part of the syndrome. It happens along with other birth defects.

When a gene mutates, the information it would normally carry changes. As a result, one of the body’s functions may not work correctly. With craniosynostosis, there may be changes in a number of genes.


Researchers note that the changes can affect different parts of the body, including:

  • The fingers and toes
  • The skeletal system
  • The heart or other organs


Nonsyndromic craniosynostosis


Another cause or case, about which the reasons are still not very clear. Here are some possible explanations:

It can definitely be the sutures that cause them to fuse too early. The fetus assumes a position in the womb that puts pressure on the head and pushes the plates of bone in the skull together.


Mentioning the Craniosynostosis Symptoms


Knowing the low-cost craniosynostosis treatment in India helps better once you know the symptoms that can indicate so. Hence, what are the symptoms? Know it here!

The primary symptom of craniosynostosis is a misshapen skull. If babies receive early surgical treatment, they may not experience any other craniosynostosis symptoms.


Signs of craniosynostosis include:


  1. A distorted skull shape
  2. An unusual feel to the fontanel, or “soft spot” on the infant’s skull
  3. Early disappearance of the fontanel
  4. Slower growth in the head compared with the body
  5. The hard ridge forming along the suture, depending on the type of craniosynostosis


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How Do We Get Craniosynostosis Diagnosis

Low-Cost Craniosynostosis Treatment In India, Craniosynostosis treatment in india, craniosynostosis causes, Craniosynostosis Symptoms, craniosynostosis types, Cost of Craniosynostosis Treatment In India


Healthcare providers usually can diagnose craniosynostosis by feeling for soft spots on your baby’s head, feeling for ridges that signify fused skull sutures, and measuring the head circumference.


If the size of your baby’s head is not growing as expected, the healthcare provider will check for craniosynostosis. It’s important to remember that a small-sized head can be due to several other reasons as well. Your baby may need an X-ray or CT scan of the head to confirm this diagnosis.


What are the craniosynostosis types?


To know more about Low-Cost craniosynostosis treatment in India, you must know about the types. There are four main types of craniosynostosis, depending on which bones fuse early. These can lead to different features. These are:

  • Sagittal synostosis
  • Coronal craniosynostosis
  • Metopic synostosis
  • Lambdoid synostosis


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