Defeating The Stress With Mental Care During Lockdown

Somya Verma

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Let us start with this shout out, “Hows the Josh?” and we are sure we do not get the actual response of “High” because we are all scared and shut-in houses and call it “Quarantine”, right? Understanding that aspect of the current situation, let us take mental care during this lockdown.


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We know you have painted enough, you go to regular balcony workout and have already discovered what an amazing chef you can be. Even after all this, mental care during lockdown can become tough. You need to find new things every moment so that you are not bored. Working from home is also a great way to convince yourself that you are in full control of your sanity, but once even that is over, what do you do? We have a few options and solutions you can go through.


Why is mental care during lockdown so important?


When you are told to live in a confined place for so long, you tend to get irritated and frustrated really easily. Have you heard that human is a social animal? We need people to talk, things to entertain us and also change is very necessary, now we cannot do all of it, because of the spread of the virus. Here you need to take care of your mental health because you can feel frequent sadness in these times. Let us see what is in store for us.


Ways for your mental care during lockdown!


Let us see what all have you already done and what is left to do. Though, being happy must be your priority and here are some of the things that you can do to make yourself content.


1) Make A bucket list


Yes, you heard us right, we are telling you to make a list of all the things you had kept pending. It can be cleaning your room to making sure you finish that fiction novel you promised you would. Tick each topic one by one and reward yourself with something like a self-cooked brownie to help keep the motivation going.


2) Sweat harder than you do


We know everyone is saying mental care during lockdown must involve “physical activity” but we also know that can and needs a good fresh air and open ground. Yet, what about pushing yourself beyond? Pick up those weights and make sure that you let the arms sweat more.

Remember when you complained about traveling to the office taking all your time? Now you have plenty of it.


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3) Hog food, and Hog good food


A good diet is often the first thing to do when we feel stressed. Preparing a meal rather than buying one already prepared can be a challenge, but it will probably be cheaper and certainly better for you, and simply doing something yourself can relieve your stressful feelings.


If baking a banana loaf makes you happy, then that is mental care during lockdown that you need. Eat healthy, because you do not want to get the extra “quarantine weight”.


4) This “quarantine” be someone’s “valentine”


Go call up your busy friend because they will not be busy now. Tell them how much you miss them and help them with mental care during the lockdown. They are as miserable as you. Stock their happiness up with telling them the recent gossips and ways to get with this time!


5) Express your feelings in appropriate ways


Tell your close ones what is bothering you. Keeping feelings of anger or sadness inside increases your stress level. It can lead to problems in your relationships and at work or college. This is bound to be a routine, as it is important for mental care during lockdown.


6) Let yourself breathe


Just as fitness helps our body stay strong, so does the mental ability to reach and maintain a good state of mental health. When we are in good spiritual health, we value our lives, our environment and the people around us. We can be creative, learn and try new things as well as take risks.


The one can better face the difficult moments of our personal and professional life. We feel the sadness and anger that can accompany the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or relationship problems and other difficult events, but over time we will continue to enjoy our lives.


We hope that these can help you take mental care during lockdown. Mental health not only depends upon our physical health but also on our diet. So, it is necessary to be physically fit and have a proper diet and being positive at this time. Let us fight back and stop the difficult time!


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