Myasthenia Gravis Ascending Paralysis, A Rare Case

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In one of our recent articles, we had discussed the rare Guillain Barre Syndrome. While that was more or less related to the conditions caused by the Ebola virus, we have a similar condition. This is actually related to the above-mentioned condition. It is called Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis.


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We know the condition sounds very complicated. Do not worry! We will make sure that you know enough to understand. We will also try our best to make it as easy for you as possible.


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What is Myasthenia Gravis Ascending Paralysis?


Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis, autoimmune disease, Guillain Barre Syndrome, causes ascending paralysis, Thymectomy



The occurrence of Myasthenia gravis (MG) in the same individual is rare. What most of us do not know is that this is an ascending paralysis. The next question in your mind will be, what is ascending paralysis?


When there is Muscle weakness and that affects both sides of the body, there is a non-function of muscles. In most cases, muscle weakness starts in the legs and spreads to the arms. This is called ascending paralysis.


Myasthenia gravis (MG) is an autoimmune disorder characterized by weakness in specific muscle groups, especially the ocular and bulbar muscles.


Why is myasthenia gravis called an autoimmune disease?


In an autoimmune disease, your immune system starts to attack your own body. In the case of myasthenia gravis, your immune system targets the acetylcholine receptors. This is what your muscles need to contract.


How does myasthenia gravis affect the body?



Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis, autoimmune disease, Guillain Barre Syndrome, causes ascending paralysis, Thymectomy


As per Hopkins, “Myasthenia gravis affects the voluntary muscles of the body, especially those that control the eyes, mouth, throat, and limbs.”


How is Guillain Barre Syndrome related to Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis?


Myasthenia gravis (MG) and Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) are 2 common neurologic autoimmune diseases. In both cases there are serious results of muscular weakness involving the limbs and bulb, the coexistence in the same patient is unusual and rarely described.


What happens if myasthenia gravis is left untreated?


Death! Yes, the condition can lead to it, if left untreated. This causes muscle weakness that can become severe enough to interfere with breathing and swallowing saliva or food, resulting in food or saliva going into your airway. Serious complications like these can result in injury or even death if left untreated.


How does myasthenia gravis lead to paralysis?


Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis is caused due to the immune system making antibodies that block the development of muscles. Your immune system produces antibodies that block or destroy many of your muscles. The receptor sites for a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine get affected in this case.


What causes ascending paralysis?


When talking about Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis, you are bound to ask why is it an ascending paralysis? There are also questions like what causes this kind of paralysis in the first place?


If we have to tell you then Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and MG together actually lead to the ascending paralysis. Scroll up to know what is ascending paralysis.


What Thymus gland has to do with Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis?


The thymus gland is a part of your immune system, It is situated in the upper chest beneath your breastbone. It is that the thymus gland triggers or maintains the production of the antibodies that block acetylcholine.


Large in infancy, the thymus gland is small in healthy adults. In some adults with myasthenia gravis. However, the thymus gland is abnormally large. Some people with myasthenia gravis also have tumors of the thymus gland (thymomas). Usually, thymomas aren’t cancerous (malignant), but they can become cancerous.


Any other cause for Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis?


Rarely, mothers with myasthenia gravis have children who are born with myasthenia gravis (neonatal myasthenia gravis). If treated promptly, children generally recover within two months after birth.


Some children are born with a rare, hereditary form of myasthenia gravis, called a congenital myasthenic syndrome.


What makes Myasthenia Gravis worse?


The more serious a condition is, the worse it can become with some of the factors we might not have clue about. Here are some which can make the Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis more complicated.


  • Fatigue
  • Illness or infection
  • Surgery
  • Stress
  • Antibiotics
  • Pregnancy


How do I know I might get Myasthenia Gravis Ascending paralysis?


While you have some doubts, look out for these symptoms to take quick action, as soon as possible. Weakness associated with MG typically gets worse with more activity and improves with rest. Symptoms of MG can include:


  1. Trouble talking
  2. Problems walking upstairs or lifting objects
  3. Facial paralysis
  4. Difficulty breathing due to muscle weakness
  5. Difficulty swallowing or chewing
  6. Fatigue
  7. Hoarse voice
  8. Drooping of eyelids
  9. Double vision


Myasthenia gravis – Diagnosis and Treatment


It is very necessary to know as much as you can about the condition. The following Diagnosis is done for Myasthenia gravis:


Ice pack test


If you have a droopy eyelid, your doctor might place a bag filled with ice on your eyelid. After two minutes, your doctor removes the bag and analyzes your droopy eyelid for signs of improvement.


Blood analysis


A blood test might reveal the presence of abnormal antibodies that disrupt the receptor sites where nerve impulses signal your muscles to move.


Repetitive nerve stimulation


In this nerve conduction study, doctors attach electrodes to your skin over the muscles to be tested.


Treatment Surgery: You must get it done!


Treatments that you can opt for once, you have known the symptoms and taken the step to get diagnosed for the same. Here, read it out!




Thymectomy can be performed as an open surgery or as minimally invasive surgery. In open surgery, your surgeon splits the central breastbone (sternum) to open your chest and remove your thymus gland. That is done for two kinds:

Video-assisted thymectomy


In one form of this surgery, surgeons make a small incision in your neck or a few small incisions in the side of your chest. They then use a long, thin camera (video endoscope) and small instruments to see and remove the thymus gland.


Robot-assisted thymectomy


In this form of thymectomy, surgeons make several small incisions in the side of your chest and remove the thymus gland using a robotic system, which includes a camera arm and mechanical arms.


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