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Greetings! My name is Dr. Subhendu Mohanty (Senior Consultant Cardiologist). Here, I am going to tell you something about Pacemaker Implantation.


What is Pacemaker Implantation?



Pacemaker implantation is an operation to treat heart disorder. In this treatment, a pacemaker (which acts as a battery for your heart) is connected to the body. This pacemaker device is basically connected to the heart of the patient with the help of wires. This procedure helps the heart to work when its natural working is hindered due to some damage in the heart.



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Do Not Hesitate to opt for Pacemaker Implantation



Normally, this treatment is given to those patients who suffer from very low heart rate but in some cases; this treatment is used for those patients also who have a high heart rate (to slow down the heart rate to some extent). I have seen many patients who hesitate to opt for this treatment method to cure their heart problem. It is normal to hesitate but I want to inform you regarding the technology used for this treatment. You don’t need to worry about the treatment as it is considered one of the safe and effective ways to treat your heart problem.



Pacemaker implantation – How it’s performed?



For the treatment, the doctor does not use anesthesia to make the patient unconscious but it is only provided to numb the specific area where the pacemaker is to be attached with the body i.e. near left or right shoulder. This overrules the pain while the surgery. Generally, a 1.5 to 2 inches cut is made through which a wire is passed to connect the pacemaker and the heart. The pacemaker device is then fitted there in a pocket like structure to support the system. So, overall, the patient is just able to see the cut while the other things are covered.


The latest generation batteries used for the pacemaker implantation works for at least 10 to 15 years after installation. The patient is asked to stay at the hospital for only a couple of days after the surgery; this helps the doctor to provide antibiotics to the patient and to analyze the recovery. The antibiotics help to prevent the chances of infection. After the surgery, Dr. Mohanty(Cardiologist in Noida) advises the patient to avoid extreme movements with the operated portion (i.e. left or right shoulder), however, minimal hand movements are allowed and the patient can move or walk easily.



Recovery from Pacemaker Implantation



On average, pacemaker implantation takes around 1.5 to 2 hours and also depends upon the type of pacemaker, for example, one wire, two wires or three wires. This procedure is not considered a complicated one and the patient start to recover and can move and walk after a couple of hours after the surgery. Do not hesitate to go for this procedure if you have a heart problem and the doctor has suggested this surgery for you. Pacemaker implantation is very important in some critical cases to avoid risk to life and the risk of falling unconsciously.



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