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We are all aware of the formation of cysts in different parts of the body, it is, however, very less heard of in the kidneys. It is because in case someone does have it, they suffer for a long time along with other complications. How is that? Learn about it from the Renal Cyst Treatment in India which is chosen by most international patients.


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How is it caused? What is the cost of the treatment? what are the symptoms to look for? All the points will be discussed well to help you get informed. Read through to know which hospitals can you choose from.

What does Renal Cyst Treatment In India Mean?


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Kidney cysts are round pouches of fluid. They are those that are formed on or in the kidneys. Kidney cysts can lead to serious disorders that may impair kidney function. whether or not is it cancerous? It is mostly non-cancerous, however, that does not make it any less dangerous or harmful. A growth that is not natural to the body is to be treated. This is why choosing GoMedii and Renal Cyst treatment in India is the right way to go about it.


What size of renal cyst is concerning?


You must have heard people saying that they can survive with certain cysts that do not affect their daily life. This might be true but on a very low scale. This is so because, after a certain size, the cyst does need operation and surgery.


Before knowing what are the options for Renal cyst treatment in India, understanding what could be the size which can become concerning.

Can renal cyst cause frequent urination?


Renal Cyst Treatment in India, size of renal cyst, renal cyst cause frequent urination, common cause of renal cyst, Symptoms of Renal Cyst, renal cyst cause blood in the urine, Cost of Renal Cyst Treatment in India, Hospitals for Renal Cyst Treatment in India



One of the queries which initially was thought to be kidney stones ended up in Renal Cyst treatment in India had our patient complaining of frequent urination.


This was seen in most cases, and hence the frequent urination can be a major symptom and indicator of you suffering from a cyst. In some other cases, a kidney cyst that obstructs the normal flow of urine may lead to swelling of the kidney.

Is renal cyst cancerous?


As we have already mentioned above, there are high chances that the cyst is not cancerous. The difference between cysts and cancerous growth is seen through a proper test and diagnosis. If you feel you need the same, drop us a query now!

When is a renal cyst considered large?


Talking about the size of the cyst in case of Renal cysts treatment, the maximum that can be is 15 cm which is extremely harmful.


Renal cysts are common in old patients and usually remain untreated. A giant renal cyst measuring more than 15 cm can be life-threatening in most cases.

Are kidney cysts inside or outside the kidney?


Renal Cyst Treatment in India, size of renal cyst, renal cyst cause frequent urination, common cause of renal cyst, Symptoms of Renal Cyst, renal cyst cause blood in the urine, Cost of Renal Cyst Treatment in India, Hospitals for Renal Cyst Treatment in India


The Renal Cyst treatment in India highly depends on the place of the cyst’s appearance. They can either be on the surface or can also happen inside the kidney.

How to tell if a kidney cyst is cancerous?


There is a major difference that makes the cyst obvious from that of the cancerous cyst. While one is filled with liquid, the other has more of a spreading tendency.

What is the most common cause of renal cyst?


A lot goes around why you can have the growth of renal cysts. In most cases, it is not inherited. The blockage of the tube has been one of the concerned causes that have been detected.


It is believed that injury or microscopic blockages in the tubules may lead to the development of some simple kidney cysts. To know more and get the best Renal cyst treatment in India, contact us now!


How to dissolve renal cyst?


What is the treatment for Renal Cysts? How is it removed? Well, we will tell you all about it. One thing you must know is whether any treatment is severe or not depends on its complications of it.


In most cases, simple kidney cysts don’t need to be treated. However, if a cyst is putting too much pressure on another organ or is affecting the way a kidney works, it might be necessary to shrink or remove the cyst. There are 2 procedures that are most commonly used to treat simple kidney cysts:


Aspiration and sclerotherapy:


The doctor inserts a long needle under the skin to puncture the cyst and drain the fluid. A strong solution is then injected into the cyst to shrink it. This procedure can be repeated, if necessary.




Surgery to remove a cyst can usually be done laparoscopically, using thin instruments inserted through small holes in the abdomen. During surgery, the doctor first drains the cyst and then cuts or burns away the cyst itself.

What are the Symptoms of Renal Cyst?


The cysts become a problem if they rupture (break open) and start to bleed, become infected, or grow so large that they push against other organs within the abdomen. In order to obtain the right kind of treatment, one must be aware of the symptoms that we are dealing with. When simple kidney cysts do cause symptoms, they might include:


  • Pain in the side between the ribs and hip, stomach, or back.
  • Fever.
  • Frequent urination (having to go to the bathroom often).
  • Blood in the urine, or dark urine.
  • Depending on where the cyst is located, it can affect how the kidney works. It can also lead to a type of high blood pressure if the cyst prevents the kidney from filtering extra fluid from the blood.


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Can renal cyst cause blood in the urine?


If the cysts burst out, then there are high chances that you might see blood in the urine. Along with that, there is pain felt in the upper abdomen.

What is the Cost of Renal Cyst Treatment in India?


The cost of renal cyst treatment in India is way less than that of other countries. The range of cost is from 2000$- 2500$.


Hospitals for Renal Cyst Treatment in India


GoMedii is associated with one of the top hospitals in the country. Find the list here for the same: 


  1. Blk Super Speciality Hospital, Rajinder Nagar, Delhi
  2. Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi
  3. Medanta The Medicity, Sector 38, Gurugram
  4. Apollo Hospitals, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore
  5. Fortis Hospital, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore
  6. Narayana Institute Of Cardiac Sciences, Anekal Taluk, Bangalore
  7. Lilavati Hospital And Research Centre, Bandra, Mumbai
  8. Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Vile Parle West, Mumbai
  9. Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Lakadi Ka Pool, Hyderabad
  10. Apollo Proton Cancer Centre, Chennai
  11. Rabindranath Tagore International Institute Of Cardiac Science, Mukundapur, Kolkata
  12. Care Institute Of Medical Sciences, Sola, Ahmedabad


GoMedii brings simplified processes powered by the latest technology to help the patient experience comfort at every stage of the treatment journey. If you choose us then we assure you that our team will try to make your treatment journey will be successful. Drop your queries for Renal Cyst Treatment in India   Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Contact Us Now! 


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