6 Best and Effective Ways to Save Big on Medicines

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

All your life you try to save that extra penny to increase your net worth, is it not? Apart from your Gucci purse and Parada footwear, we are sure you know what else costs a great deal. We are sure, that is your medicine. Saving big on medicines is like a dream for every patient with a chronic condition. While ladies and gentlemen would run after a sale of handbags and bike accessories, a patient cannot keep calm if he got his meds for less. Understanding our customers and their choices, we have brought ways you can save big on medicines.


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Want to Save Big on Medicine, Here are the Ways!


Do not worry, we will not assure free stuff, but you can still save big on your medicines by following these suggestions:


1) Choose Online Portals:


Gone are the days when you had to cluster in front of the medic shop. Life has become a little easier and cheap. There are so many online medical portals you can opt to get your stock. The fact that they not only make it easy but helps you save that extra fuel you might waste. Like we at GoMedii make sure that our customers do not have to wait for long.


2) Save Time, Save Money:


Just like how health is wealth, time is money. With 4hrs delivery time, GoMedii ensures that you do not waste your money and time in wandering around the town. Online portals are thus the best option in such a case.


3) Understand Your Prescription:


You need to ask some questions before you go to a medical shop: What will this do for you?


  • What are the potential side effects?
  • Is there an option like a less expensive over-the-counter product or even a herbal supplement that can be just as effective?
  • If so, you may be able to use less expensive OTC medication. Also, ask if there is a less expensive generic medicine option. These questions can be easily solved by your doctors.


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4) Discounts are Here:


Well, save big on medicines with discounts! GoMedii if you have not heard gives you amazing discounts. This policy by the medical stores gives you rebate on your orders and purchases.


5) Get a Larger Supply:


Instead of getting a prescription that lasts for 30 days, and making an insurance copay each time, ask for a 90-day supply so you can make just one copay every three months. This works for medications you take long-term.


6) Try Samples:


Do you take dresses without trial room sessions? No? Then why do you do so with medicines? You always should take medicines on a trial basis first to see if they actually affect you in a good way or not. Websites such as gomedii.com provide prescribed medicines on discounted prices always and on every order of medicines. And keep in mind that gomedii.com helps chronic patients to find chronic care programs that can save them money.


Few More Tips to Save Big on Medicines:


Ask your doctor and/or nearest medical store for less expensive medicine – a different brand, a generic one Ask your doctor for a review of the prescription – ask to remove that medicine you no longer needed. It is a good idea to save money on medication along with health reasons. If you take a particular medication regularly or a chronic patient, try to buy medicine through gomedii.com.Look for coupon codes and discounts to buy medicine online. Download GoMedii App & Consult online with doctors to get the second opinion and save big on medicines.


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