Every Concern Related to Sinus Problems

Divya Tripathi

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Sinus problems are medically known as sinusitis. This condition can be very uncomfortable which gets cleared up on its own within 2-3 weeks. Where sinuses are small, hollow spaces located in your face behind the cheekbones and between the eyes, and forehead. Sinuses have to make mucus for keeping the noses moist from inside and to chase away dust and allergens.


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Sinuses cause problem often after a cold/flu or if get blocked up from hay fever and other allergies. The condition may make you feel stuffed or feel kind of pressure around your eyes, cheeks, forehead, or teeth. Most of the people often choose to get relief using antibiotic drugs which are not usually needed.


Symptoms of Sinus problems


The condition generally involves the swelling of sinuses- often caused by infection. Its is accompanied by symptoms such as:


  • Facial pain swelling and tenderness around eyes, cheeks, or forehead


  • Blocked up nose


  • Declining sense of smell


  •  Yellow, green, or grey mucus


  • Sinus headache


  • Tooth pain


  • You may have bad breath



However, sinusitis signs in young children may involve irritability, difficulty feeding, and breathing through their mouths.


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Relief From sinus problems at home


Treating the condition at home doesn’t mean that you have to be a witchdoctor. It’s a general practice that we often do at home to relieve ourselves. Here you can treat mild sinusitis by following the below points:



  • Drink enough fluid such as warm water, tea, and other liquid. This will drain way mucus faster.


  • Get a whole lot of rest. This will help your body in fighting off the infection.


  • Avoid allergic triggers and limit smoking


  • You can ease congestion by cleaning your nose with a saltwater solution.


  • Get or breathe in moist air. Which can be in any way through steam or warm shower. This will loosen your mucus.


  • Gargle will help you in the soothing of the throat.


Antibiotics and sinus problems


Antibiotics do not usually help with sinusitis. The function of Antibiotics is to get rid of bacteria. It doesn’t act on viruses or help allergies, which is the most common cause of sinusitis. However, the condition gets better on its own within a week without drugs even when the cause of the problem is bacteria.


The risk that antibiotic involves is the chances of getting side effects are 1 out of every four. Where the side effects are dizziness, stomach problems, and rashes. Some may have severe allergic reactions to antibiotics through which is rare. The overuse of antibiotics can lead to resistance in the body. Consequently, when you will need them they will not be able to help you.


Antibiotics are prescribed when you have an infection caused by bacteria which does not go away on its own. In that case, ask or get health from a general health practitioner.


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