Yes, You Can Have Skin Problems During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time of a woman’s life when she is actually going to suffer from a lot of changes. In the emotional and physical sense. You must have heard about a lot of them, but have you known of skin problems during pregnancy? Yes, there is some complication apart from what we know the very common ones that your body can go through during pregnancy. Let us know what are those skin problems that you might face when you are having the best journey of life as a woman.


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Why do you have skin problems during pregnancy?


During pregnancy, your body goes into so many hormonal as well as physical changes. In some cases, pigmentation also is one such thing happening in your body. Hence, this affects your skin as well. This gives way to skin problems during pregnancy.


Melasma, also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” causes dark splotches to appear on your face, often on the nose and cheeks. Linea nigra is a dark line that can form between your belly button and pubic area during pregnancy.


Skin Problems During Pregnancy you can face


Coming to the problems that you face as a pregnant woman. Here are some that most of the women face in their pregnancy at some stage or the other.


1) Acne


Well, one of the most common skin problems during pregnancy is acne. What must be done? Try cleaning your face with an over-the-counter-face soap in intervals like in the morning and evening. Most over-the-counter topical treatments are safe in pregnancy, but to be on the safer side, book an online appointment with a gynecologist and ask them about it. There are a few topical prescription medications we can try during pregnancy, but your acne should get better after your baby is born.


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2) Mummy’s tummy can get itchy too


Itchy rashes are common during pregnancy. PUPPPs, pruritic urticarial papules, and plaques of pregnancy is the most common skin problem during pregnancy. It is as mentioned, a kind of rash. These itchy, red patches spring up around stretch marks, it happens near your belly in most of the cases.


This condition is harmless, but I know from experience it can be annoying. PUPPPs will go away after you give birth, but don’t feel like you need to suffer through it until then. We can give you a steroid cream that will relieve the itching and prevent it from spreading. This cream is safe for you and your baby.


3) Cholestasis of pregnancy


There are times you shouldn’t ignore itchy skin. Cholestasis of pregnancy is a liver disease that results from high amounts of pregnancy hormones affecting the normal flow of bile in the gallbladder.


This condition occurs in the third trimester and can cause severe itching over the whole body. It’s often worse on the palms and soles of the feet and causes patients to feel miserable and be unable to sleep.


4) Stretch marks


This is no secret when pregnancy occurs, women are bound to get stretch marks. More than 90% of pregnant women will develop stretch marks in response to the pulling and stretching of underlying skin during pregnancy. You can help them get away by keeping your skin moisturized with cocoa butter or lotion. If you’re tempted to try an herbal remedy, talk to your doctor first.


Skin problems during pregnancy can be treated easily, but you must always consult your doctor. To order medicine online as well as book appointment online, you can always visit our website.


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