Things You Will Required for a Newborn Baby Care

Tanuja Bisht

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Getting ready for a newborn baby is a special feeling and a little difficult. If you are going to be parents soon then surely you will go in any store where you see hundreds of products you could bring home for your newborn baby care.


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There are lots of to-dos when you are prepping for baby’s arrival and shopping for all the newborn essentials is not an easy task. From setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, diapering, and eating it’s easy to keep busy buying baby necessities.


We talked to few parents, who gave us an information regarding what we really required for a newborn baby. Let’s talk about it.


Starting from the very beginning every new parent will need diapers, bathing products, medicine box, feeding, sleeping essential, and baby carrier. Let’s discusses all the above things one by one.


Newborn Baby Care needs the checklist

Diapers and Diaper Bag:


When a baby is a week old he/she will have at least four poopy and six wet diapers each day. So for this mummies should have the following things;


  • Diapers


  • Diaper cream


  • Baby wipes


  • Extra change of clothes for baby


  • Changing pad or paper liner


  • Bag for a dirty diaper


Bathing Products:


You’ll need to wait off bathing your newborn until his/her umbilical cord falls off and the area heals. The process may take a week or two. Until then, clean the baby’s diaper area well and stick to sponge baths. You will require these things;

  • Bathinette or plastic tub


  • Hooded towel


  • Washcloths


  • Baby shampoo


  • Mild baby soap


  • Plastic cup for rinsing


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Medicine Box:


In case your baby gets sick or hurt, these first aid basics are good for the baby;


  • Cool mist humidifier


  • Nasal saline drops


  • Nasal bulb


  • Antibacterial cream


  • Small bandages


  • Diaper cream


  • Safety nail scissors


  • Infant acetaminophen (Tylenol)




For feeding purpose, you will require these things;


  • Bottles (glass or BPA-free plastic) with tight-fitting lids


  • Nipples


  • Bottle sterilizer


  • Bottle/nipple brush


  • Burp Cloths


  • Nursing pillow


  • Breast pump


  • Milk storage bags


Sleeping Essential:


Seriously, You don’t need to buy too many newborn clothes. The only essential things you require are;

  • Five to eight onesies, a mix of short and long-sleeved


  • Four to Five swaddling blankets


  • Seven sleepers


  • Two lightweight blankets


Baby Carrier:


Newborns are made to be hugged or cuddled, but for some time you’ll need your hands-free. For this purpose, you can buy;


  • Baby carrier, sling, or wrap.


  • Baby swing


  • Stroller


  • Pacifier



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