Know the General Thumb Arthritis Treatment Options

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There are numerous problems that develop as you age. Among which there is thumb arthritis that occurs when cartilage (at the end of the bones forming joints ata the base of the thumb) becomes worn. The condition can cause intense pain,  swelling, and decreased strength and range of motion. Thumb arthritis treatment procedure may depend upon the severity of the condition. The following will be discussed below.


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Indeed man can get thumb arthritis but women are more prone to it. Generally, it will be common among the people of the age group above 40 years. Here we’ll be discussing the treatment options available on this condition:


Thumb arthritis treatment


The treatment option of the condition depends upon the stage and severity of the condition. In early-stage, treatment involves non-surgical therapies where the severe condition will require surgery. Treatment options in different categories.


1. Medication


The doctor will recommend certain pain relievers. Categories of such medication may involve-


  • Topical medications: Medications that are applied to a specific place or in the body. Medication that you apply over the joint such as capsaicin or diclofenac.


  • Further, there are some over-the-counter relievers as well- acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium.


  • Then, there are prescription relievers to relieve pain- celecoxib or tramadol.


2. Splint as a thumb arthritis treatment


A splint is a supporter- or strip which is rigid and flexible- used to protect an injured body part from further damage or injury. Basically, it will provide support to the joint by restricting the moment of the thumb or wrist. This you can wear at night or all day long.


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Why use splint?


  • It will help you in reducing the pain
  • Also, it will ensure the proper position of the thumb while you perform any task.
  • More to it- it will make sure to provide the required rest.


3. Injection


With a concern to get relieved- if medication and splints do not relieve the pain the doctor will recommend an injection. Which is a long-acting corticosteroid, it will give temporary relief and reduce inflammation. Corticosteroids will be given into your thumb joint.


4. Surgery


In case you are not responding to treatment well and your thumb is showing serious symptoms like unable to bend or twist thumb. In that matter, the doctor will recommend surgery thumb arthritis treatment. The surgical options may include:


Arthrodesis: This is also known as joint fusion. The surgical process permanently fuses the affected joint bone. Surgery can make the fused joint hold up the weight without pain but not flexibility.


Osteotomy: The affected joint bone is repositioned through this surgery to make deformities right.


Trapeziectomy: Through this surgical process a bone called trapezium is removed from the thumb joint.


Arthroplasty: In simple words also called joint replacement. This surgery involves the replacement of all and a part of the affected joint with a graft from one of your tendons.


The information shared is for general awareness and understanding. For further details and help you can book an online appointment with a specialist. Hoping we shared you a light of guidance.



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