Top 11 Health Tips For Office Ergonomics

Tanuja Bisht

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Every time we talk about home, eating habits, exercise etc but very less we talk or think about our workplace. Working people approximately spend 8-9 hours daily in office which means on an average 40-45 hours per week. So, the whole conclusion is we also need to take care of our health in office as well. So for this today we are going to discuss top 11 necessary health tips for office ergonomics.



Over the time, poor body posture is the results of these habits from everyday activities like looking at your system, sitting in office chairs, driving, standing for a long time, and sleeping. A poor posture can cause or aggravate episodes of damaging spinal structures and back pain.



Ergonomics is basically defined as the science of designing the workstation that fits someone according to their capabilities and limitations.



The main goal of office ergonomics is to design a person’s office workstation that suits him/her and allows for a comfortable working environment for maximum efficiency and productivity.



Favorably, the main factors affecting ergonomics and posture are completely within our ability to control to make healthy changes. The following 11 health tips for office ergonomics suggest several ways to improve ergonomics and posture, especially for those who work sitting in an office chair for all the day.



An ergonomically correct workstation helps a person to avoid fatigue and discomfort during working hours. Everbody needs comforts while working whether the person is a normal employee or chief executives. Not only the comfort but a safe work environment as well to avoid fatigue. Follow some of the following tips for significantly improving your office workstation.



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Top 11 Health Tips For Office Ergonomics


1. Proper Head Position:

Making correct head position is very important, try to keep the head weight directly above the neck. Don’t “crane” your neck and head forward.



2. Managing Arms Weight:

Make sure that your arms weight is supported all times. Because if your arms are not supported, the muscles of your shoulders and neck will feel pain by the end of the day.



3. Avoid Slouching:

Slouching basically puts more pressure on the vertebrae and discs of your back. So use the lumbar support of your chair as well as avoid sitting in a way that places body weight more on one side. If possible move your chair closer to your work table to avoid leaning and reaching.



4. Avoid Bad Habits:

Never jammed your phone receiver between the neck and ear while talking on the phone because of its bad practice.



5. Making Thing Comfortable on Desk:

Put the keyboard and mouse closer to your hand to avoid and prevent excessive reaching which strains the arms and shoulders.



6. Adjusting Computer Level:

The monitor of your computer should be placed directly in front of you, parallel to your eye level. This will help your neck to stay in the comfortable place.



7. Avoid Eye Strain:

Avoid eye strain by adjusting your monitor not too close to your eyes, it should be at least an arm’s length away.



8. Little Exercise For Eyes:

Providing rest to your eyes helps in keeping healthy eyes. You can do little exercise periodically for some seconds by looking at distance objects to give your eyes a break.



9. Little Exercise For Feet:

Keep your feet moving for avoiding extra pressure on the backs of your legs. For this, you can use a footrest or lower the keyboard and chair.



10. Proper Lighting:

Always try to sit in a place where you get the proper lighting to control screen glare and make sure that your monitor should not be placed in front of a bright background or a window.



11. Get Up and Move:

If your muscles tire, slumping, and other poor postures become more likely. For this, you can maintain a relaxed and supported posture by changing your sitting positions more frequently. To break the sitting position on office chair you can take two minutes to walk, stretch, and stand.





Think about it when you aren’t doing your best work, you’re tired, you feel depressed, and that doesn’t help your overall job performance. You want to avoid fatigue, the only best thing other than taking enough sleep, maintaining a nutritious diet, and keeping hydrated is to follow the above written 11 necessary health tips for office ergonomics.

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