Top Menstruation Products Available For Better Cycle

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There is a wide spectrum of menstruation products available in the market or can be constructed by using organic and unharmful components that are safe for the vaginal use.


Question arrives that which one of the product is safest and most comfortable for usage in the most crucial period of the month for females. Let’s take an overview of menstruation cycle first to get a better analysis.


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What is Menstruation Cycle?

It is a regular natural change that happens only in female reproductive parts, namely uterus, and ovaries. This change is necessary for the enabling the process of pregnancy to happen.


There are many difficulties and symptoms encountered by females during this period of time like acne, tender breasts, bloating, fatigue, mood swing and regressive bleeding through the vagina.


This process repeats itself in every 21-28 days which varies from person to person. The first menstruation cycle begins between 12 to 15 years of age in females, this time in denoted as menarche. Although, the cycle ends at the age of 45-55 years which is termed as menopause.


The bleeding continues for 2-7 days in a regular cycle so as to resist the blood to seep away menstrual products are used to absorb the blood and reduce the risks of infection in the genital area.




What are the Top Menstrual Products?

These products are the ideal need for providing the feminine hygiene by absorbing all the flow of blood. The bleeding can be vigorous or mild which varies from one female to another so for this particular reason there is a distinctive number of menstrual products available for usage, some major and common ones are mentioned below.


1. Menstrual Pads:

This is the most common product which provides this hygienic benefit. It is a thin piece of absorbent material that has to be kept inside the female’s underwear to absorb the menstrual flow after it is secreted from the body.


Pads are very reliable and inexpensive as can be used overnight as well without any risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Though, these pads have to be changed after a use of few hours. These are an ideal product but has some disadvantages like discomfort and odorous property.



2. Tampons:

A tampon in the structure is a small, cylinder-shaped piece of absorbent material that is inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual flow. These tampons have a small cotton string attached to its back part which hangs outside the body and enables the disposal process by plucking the string.


Tampons are made of cotton or synthetic rayon, or a combination of both. Along with the set of benefits, there is one disadvantage that is regarding safety. These have to be used carefully as TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) has been linked to the use of tampons.


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3. Menstrual Cup:

This is the most recently invented product which is felt deep inside. Cups are the small bell-shaped piece of flexible medical-grade silicon that has to be inserted deep part of the vagina in order to collect the menstrual flow of blood before it leaves the body.


This cup is made up of non-absorbent material that makes it little unsafe for long duration usage, hence, has to be plucked out after 12 hours. These cups come in two sized generally, one for mothers and other for females that haven’t given birth yet.



4. Period Underwear:

These products got the boom in recent when a brand introduced this in the marketplace, today, many other underwear brands are introducing this product.


It has a built-in absorbent layer stitched into the underwear, protected by another leak-resistant layer, the pants collect the blood when it is secreted outside the body. Period underwear is considered an evolved version of tampons and pads.



5. Reusable Pads and Tampons:

Some women believe in conserving the environment along with the expenses which gave birth to the idea of reusable menstrual products. Unlike from the disposable pads and tampons, these products are made up of cloth which is washable and then reusable which helps in reducing waste and saving plenty of money as well.





Feminine hygiene is a very important issue that has been noticed from recent times which gave birth to the evolution of these many products. All females must gain proper information and stay aware of the top menstrual products to analyze and get the best treatment in menstrual cycle period.


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