Learn to treat PMS naturally; ease emotional fluctuation

Divya Tripathi

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Ladies bleed monthly, bear the pain, suffer mood swings, and what not? This whole episode of emotional and physical symptoms occurs a week or 2 before menstruation; medically, we call it premenstrual syndrome (PMS). It’s tough to explain to someone, why the hell we are acting irritated. All these hormonal fluctuations can be treated. You can treat PMS naturally just consider following the points mentioned below.


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How to treat PMS naturally?


PMS symptoms such as fluctuating appetite, fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc. can be dealt with by making certain lifestyle changes. You can relieve your PMS symptoms by following these remedies:


Edibles to avoid


It is recommended to increase the intake of complex carbohydrates and limit the use of sugar. Limiting sodium intake can benefit some, as it deals with bloating, water retention, and breast swelling.


Caffeine is highly restricted as it can worsen the symptoms of PMS. it can cause irritability and insomnia.


Indulge in physical activity


Some have found relief from symptoms, indulging in regular exercise can treat PMS naturally. Get into a regular workout routine or try aerobics exercises like jogging, swimming, cycling, etc.


It is said that exercise can improve the mood; exercising releases chemicals in our body that helps in boosting our mood. Workout to feel good!


Manage stress


When you are stress symptoms may get worse, it is better to start managing your stress. For stress management, you can try doing yoga or meditation which are some natural ways.


Give yourself time to relax, understanding your own emotions, learn new hobbies, and much more you can do.


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Therapeutic alternative


Calcium has therapeutic benefits, it can reduce the symptoms of PMS to some extent. Consumption of calcium regularly in the right quantity can treat PMS naturally.


Some food items high in calcium are dairy products, sesame seeds, almonds, leafy greens, etc.


Besides, there are some other approaches to relieve PMS symptoms such as Acupuncture, massage therapy, and aromatherapy (using essential oils).


Herbal remedies


Some women suffering from symptoms of PMS choice herbs such as ginkgo, ginger, Agnus Castus (Chaste Tree Berry). Some researches have also stated the effectiveness of such herbs in reducing the symptoms of PMS.


If you are taking some other medications, there are chances of side effects. So, before taking herbs for relieving symptoms, consult a doctor.


Conclusively, if you are suffering from PMS symptoms and would like to treat PMS naturally, you need to make some lifestyle changes. The above-mentioned lifestyle changes can help you in dealing with your fluctuating mood and other physical symptoms of PMS. Further, get help from a healthcare provider to know what more you can do to relieve your symptoms.


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