Visiting India for Treatment Second Time? Know Everything Here!

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Seng Srey, one of our patients from Cambodia called us on a fine day for another treatment that one of her family members needed. Along with that, her purpose was also of Visiting India for Treatment Second Time. She asked us if she needed to re-apply for the visa as she was here only 3 months back.


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We understand that many of our patients wish to revisit India for medical treatment and wish to know if the application process would run all over again. Hence, this blog will help you as a patient to know what you need during a re-visit.


Are You Visiting India for Treatment Second Time?


If Yes, then you must pay attention. Like Seng Srey, many patients wanted to know if they have to fill out the Visa form again. The answer is Yes and No. Yes, if your 3 to 6 months validity has expired, No, if the Visa is still valid.


How long is the medical e-Visa valid?


The validity of the medical e-Visa is around 60 days, once this expires, you must inform the officials regarding this. In case you are in the middle of your treatment, it is the duty of the medical treatment partner, to ensure that there is an extension done.

In case you returned after surgery and need to get a checkup done again, you can be assured that with GoMedii as your treatment partner you are taken care of. Visiting India for Treatment Second Time will become much better if you choose us for your service.


On what grounds can you apply for an eMedical-Visa?


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The Indian Medical Visa can be obtained only on medical grounds and only those international travelers who are visiting the country as patients seeking medical treatment here can apply for this Visa.


Family members of the patient who wish to accompany the patient would not be eligible to enter the country through the medical e-Visa. They would have to apply instead for what is called the Medical Attendant Visa for India. For any purposes other than medical treatment, such as tourism or business, you would have to seek an e-Visa specific to those purposes.


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How many days does it take for Visa processing?


You must ensure that you have applied for the Visa at least 4-7 days before you are taking off. While the Medical e-Visa for India does not require you to visit the Indian Embassy, you should make sure your passport has two blank pages for the Immigration Officer to stamp at the airport.

Like other e-Visas, the holder of the Indian Medical Visa has to enter the country from the approved Immigration Check Posts which include 28 airports and 5 seaports and the holder has to exit from the approved Immigration Check Posts too.

What is the cost of an Indian Visa?


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When talking about the standard government visa fee of USD $102.50 is applicable to all options. What is standard processing? This is an option that only takes only 5 days and costs USD $35.49.


GoMedii Helping You In Your Treatment Journey


If you are visiting India for Treatment Second Time, GoMedii is the right choice for your healthcare partner to make your treatment process hustle-free and affordable.


We have partnerships with one of India’s most reputed hospitals and specialists that can provide you get the best at a reasonable cost, you can contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or calls us on (+91 9599004811) or email us at our team will respond to you as soon as possible.


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