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Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer with the highest risk of death, anyone can be prone to have melanoma cancer especially if someone has blonde or red hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. But, it’s highly curable if caught early. Prevention and early treatment are important, in this condition, as knowing where can melanoma be found. Is important to understand symptoms to get proper treatment


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Where can melanoma be found? 



As we already know melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer develops in the cells (melanocytes) that produce melanin the pigment that gives the skin its color. Melanoma can also form in the eyes and, rarely, inside the body, such as in the nose or throat. Get proper treatment on time as it can be life-threatening if ignored. 

Melanomas can develop anywhere in the body. They most often develop in areas that have had exposure to the sun, such as the back, legs, arms, and face.

Melanomas can also occur in areas that don’t receive much sun exposure, such as the soles of the feet, palms of the hands, and fingernail beds. Hidden melanomas are common in people with darker skin.


How much does melanoma costs?


The treatment cost of melanoma is somewhere between $150-$3100, which is less than one-third compared to other countries. You can drop a query to get proper treatment at right time. And leave your worries to us.


What diagnosis do you have to go through before treatment?


Melanomas are generally visible but you need to go through a few diagnoses to confirm and know the stage of melanoma used to diagnose melanoma including

A Physical exam. the doctor will ask questions about the health history and examine the skin to look for signs that might indicate melanoma.

Biopsy. To determine whether a suspicious skin lesion is a melanoma, the doctor might recommend removing a sample of skin for testing. The sample is then sent to a lab for examination.


What type of biopsy procedure the doctor recommends will depend on the particular situation. Most often doctors recommend removing the entire melanoma when possible. One of the common techniques, the punch biopsy which is done with a circular blade that’s pressed into the skin around the suspicious mole. Another technique, known as an excisional biopsy, uses a scalpel to cut away the entire mole and a small margin of healthy tissue around it.


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What are the treatments for melanoma?



Treatment for early-stage melanomas includes surgery to remove the melanoma. A very thin melanoma might be removed entirely during the biopsy and require no further treatment, But sometimes people get confused between moles and melanoma which is why know, where can melanoma be found. Is important. And if not taken care of and spread beyond the skin treatment can be tough and you have to take extra care until you recover properly. 

If melanoma has spread beyond the skin, treatment options might include:

Surgery. Surgery is performed to remove affected lymph nodes. If melanoma has spread to nearby lymph nodes, the surgeon might remove the affected nodes. Additional treatments before or after surgery also might be recommended.


Immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a drug treatment that helps the immune system to fight cancer. The body’s disease-fighting immune system might not attack cancer because the cancer cells produce proteins that help them hide from the immune system cells, Immunotherapy works the opposite. 

Immunotherapy is generally recommended after surgery for melanoma that has spread to the lymph nodes or other areas of the body. When melanoma can’t be removed completely with surgery, immunotherapy treatments are injected directly into the melanoma.

Targeted therapy. Targeted drug treatments focus on specific issues present within cancer cells. By targeting these problems, targeted drug treatments can cause cancer cells to die. Cells from melanoma might be tested to see if targeted therapy is likely to be effective against cancer.


For melanoma, targeted therapy might be recommended if cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or other areas of the body.

Radiation therapy. During radiation therapy, high-powered energy beams are used, such as X-rays and protons, kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy might be directed to the lymph nodes if the melanoma has spread there. Radiation therapy is also used to treat melanomas that can’t be removed completely with surgery.

Chemotherapy. During chemotherapy drugs are used to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be given intravenously, in pill form, or both so that it travels throughout the body.


Chemotherapy can also be given in a vein in the arm or leg in a procedure called isolated limb perfusion. During this procedure, blood in the arm or leg isn’t allowed to travel to other areas of the body for a short time so that the chemotherapy drugs travel directly to the area around the melanoma and don’t affect other parts of the body.


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