Digital Healthcare Ecosystem: Build Relationship in Healthcare Trio

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Digitization in healthcare has taken the healthcare industry in India to a new level where it is more affordable, more accessible, and more connected. The new model of digitalization is formed by the association of different organization of the health industry with the help of digital media has given it the shape of an ecosystem which appears quite sustainable owing to the increased level of association between the users and different service providers. Considering the symbiotic development of each element of the health care system and the advantages to the patients or users, many more people are becoming the part of this ecosystem where facilitator are delivering appropriate services and users are availing them with greater accessibility.


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Emerging Relationships in Digital Healthcare Ecosystem


The industry is growing to witness the growth of a healthy relationship among the various elements of the system, some of which are listed below:


Provider-Diagnostics-Pharmacies Network:


This trio forms the center of the healthcare system and is the most demanded services. The real-time interchange of data among them helps in error-free and accurate delivery of services to the users while decreasing the tedious visits to doctor’s clinics. Pharmacies are also well integrated into digital health care where they got to know the exact instruction and can explain the same to the patients. At the same way, requirements from diagnostics as well as the doctors can reach directly to the online pharmacy stores which decrease the response time and help in making the digital healthcare ecosystem more efficient. The diagnostic reports are also shared digitally to the doctors who take proper action without any delaying of time.


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Service Provider-Payer Relationship:


The digital exchange and sharing of data have resulted in expanded communication and strengthening the relationship between the payers or insurers focused on users’ wellness. Now, the care teams from providers and insurers work towards understanding the exact needs of the patients and provide them customized services.


Employer-Payer Relationship:


Employees, these days, are more aware of their medical rights and can compare the features offered by different providers. Employers, in turn, are also concerned about offering the best healthcare solutions to their employees and look for the best offers from the payers. This, in turn, is encouraging a healthy employer-payer relationship who together try to design customized solutions for the employees with maximum benefits.


User-Multi Point Relationship:


Users are the main entity of the digital healthcare ecosystem who interact with all the other major elements of the system. The digitization in the healthcare ecosystem is nurturing smooth and increased interaction of users with clinics, doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, insurers, home-healthcare providers and others. The prescription can easily be shared across different health service providers, diagnostics can share reports along with doctors online, and pharmacies can also interact with users, diagnostics, and doctors. This has led to increased efficiency and accuracy in the delivery of services. Also, now the users can seek more affordable care through easy online comparisons and bookings.



The e-healthcare ecosystem is ready to assimilate other participants too in its networks like the healthcare devices and equipment manufacturers, companies manufacturing health cards, meditation and yoga centers, and others. A rich assembly of all these healthcare providers and service seekers is going to enhance user experience as well as the standards of the healthcare industry in India.

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