4th Summit of Global Digital Health Partnership: New Delhi, India

Divya Tripathi

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The Global Digital Health Partnership (GDHP) is an only international platform of Digital Health collaboration of 23 countries and it is supported by World Health Organization (WHO), which is organized to support the effective implementation of digital health services.


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About Global Digital Health Partnership


GDHP was established in February 2018, which provides an opportunity for transformational engagement between its participants, who are striving to learn and share best practice and policy that can support their digital health systems.


The US, UK, and Australia have done three Summit meeting so far. India is hosting the 4th Summit of Global Digital Health Partnership on 25-26 February 2019 at The Ashok Hotel in New Delhi, India only for the Inter-governmental Delegates.


A vision of the Global Digital Health Partnership:


The vision of the Global Digital Health Partnership is to support government and health system reformers for the betterment of health as well as the well-being of their citizens by the best use of evidence-based digital technologies.


Principles of Global Digital Health Partnership:


The GDHP is committed to improving the health and care by promoting its principles like:



All participants will have an equal opportunity to contribute and participate in the development of the GDHP.



Participants are supportive and helpful and participate in debates constructively, thoughtfully, and respectfully.



Participants act and their engagement with fellow participants to contribution for the improved health services, promote innovation and create healthier and safer communities.



Participants are responsible for input of their countries through their active contribution to GDHP activities that are guided by the annual work plan.


Source: Global Digital Health Partnership


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