Board Exam 2019: Tips to Stay Stress Free and Healthy During Exams

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Again, its the time of the exam! All board exams of CBSE and ICSE for class 10 and 12 are already begun. The exam times come with a lot of stress on students as well as the parents. But, the parents became most stressed out due to the fact that various health issues can emerge as a result of long hours study. Long hours studying needs proper planning for all the health concern issues like eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, maintaining activity level, etc.


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So here we have some tips for students and parents both for the stressfree and healthy exam periods.

Best foods to Eat During Board Exams:


Board Exam 2019: Tips to Stay Stress Free and Healthy During Exams

There is always a saying, ‘you are what you eat’? So if you eat junk food, then your brains will perform poorly. It’s better to avoid junk food and add these items in your for physical and mental health during exams.


  • Fruits and vegetables are the most important part of the diet during exams


  • High-protein foods like lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy, pulses, sprouts, nuts etc


  • Whole grains like oats, brown rice, quinoa among others


  • Nuts and seeds


  • Ample water


Tips to Maintain Your Activity During Board Exams:


Board Exam 2019: Tips to Stay Stress Free and Healthy During Exams

While during the exam there are lots of studies and a good diet, a big break on physical activity. Physical activity is waste of time? then definitely no! It will increase the flow of oxygen to your tired brain which helps you to concentrate more on your study!


Here, we have some tips for physical activity while preparing for the exams.


1. Take Small Breaks:


Pouring over the books can be a common sign for tiredness so take a small break and walk around the nearby store can refresh you and also make you active.


2. Know Your Study Schedule:


Its completely depends on person to person, some people prefer studying in the morning while some others in the night.


3. Have a Study and Activity Schedule:


You can go to do some outdoor activity or can catch some sunshine on every alternate day. A schedule will help you keep track.


4. Get Good Sleep During Exams:


Getting a good 6 hours sleep during the exam is equally important to get success in the exams! It not just helps reduce stress but also helps to study better.


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Tips for Parents to Keep Their Kid Stress-Free During Board Exams:


Well, here we have some good tips for the parents to keep your kid stress-free during the exam.



1. Just Stay Calm:

Board Exam 2019: Tips to Stay Stress Free and Healthy During Exams


Showing your nervousness to your kid is very common with parents. But it will not help you. If you do so, then either your child turns into a complete revolutionary and deliberately start avoiding study, or gets tensed due to their parents’ mounting pressure, and he/she will not able to perform well.


2. Counseling:


Board Exam 2019: Tips to Stay Stress Free and Healthy During Exams


Talk to your child and ask them to do the study for the expansion of the knowledge and do not focus only on grades. If you do so it will put unwanted pressure on them.


3. Be a Support System:


Board Exam 2019: Tips to Stay Stress Free and Healthy During Exams


Don’t put your life in hold continue with your job or other activities throughout the year. Bur during the exam time you can choose to be at home to make the things easy and comfortable for your kid.


4. Know Your Child’s Capacity:


Board Exam 2019: Tips to Stay Stress Free and Healthy During Exams


Usually, parents can feel anxiety if their children don’t seem to juggle their time well during exams. Try to understand that your child has a limit and he/she will only able to perform to the best according to their ability and accept their limitations. Don’t compare your kid even with his/her siblings.


5. Steer Clear of Outside Pressure:


It is advisable to avoid those friends, relatives, and neighbors who give unwanted advice and ask your kid that what they want to be in life. It will create expectations in your mind which bogged down your child. This is not the right time to let anyone come and create a cloud of tension for your child.




So, at last, it is advisable to the parents to encourage your kid for studies and don’t put unnecessary pressure on your kid. Ask them to take short breaks it will help them to concentrate better again to the study. Provide them healthy food to eat and the surrounding peaceful and healthy will give them physical and mental health.


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