GoMedii India In Association With Ezgu Niyat Healthcare, Uzbekistan

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The World has become a more connected place for business and otherwise after the pandemic. While closing borders made things difficult for some time, it has now moved to become better for the best. With more than15000 patients across the world and more than 500 most experienced doctors on board.


We at GoMedii, India are proud to announce our partnership with Ezgu Niyat Healthcare Centre, Uzbekistan. Together we aim to bring better service to the people of Uzbekistan. How can our patients benefit from this collaboration? What does this collaboration symbolize for the medical tourism industry? Know all of it here.


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GoMedii In Uzbekistan, Making Healthcare More Accessible!


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Uzbekistan being part of Central Asia has always been connected to the Indian subcontinent. Since time immemorial the two countries have shared a bond that facilitated a high amount of trade and travel. Today, Indian startups like GoMedii are contributing to a great extent to establishing the right healthcare and medical industry in Uzbekistan. In the past 5 years, there has been around a 34% increase in footfalls from Uzbekistan to India.


The cause has been driven by both medical as well as tourism reasons. While providing the patients a great deal in treatments and medical care, India also gives them aesthetic pleasure with the best places to visit post their treatment.

About GoMedii and Ezgu Niyat Healthcare


GoMedii is a healthcare technology platform focused on In-Patient care that helps through the entire treatment journey from hospital/doctor discovery, and treatment planning to pre-treatment & in-treatment at hospitals until the post-treatment care. GoMedii is a facilitation engine that comes 1st in the patient treatment value chain and collaborates with all stakeholders of the ecosystem. We help patients at each step of the journey in getting treatment at established & accredited hospitals.


Our associate Ezgu Niyat Healthcare Centre is a modern, multidisciplinary medical center with a wide range of cardiological, angiographic, orthopedic, outpatient polyclinic services, rehabilitation inpatient care, highly qualified specialists from Europe, modern laboratory, diagnostic and medical equipment at the level of international standards.


A distinctive feature of “EZGU NIYAT” is the newest equipment of high accuracy and efficiency, the highest quality of services, qualified personnel, a special individual attitude to patients, and the creation of the most favorable and comfortable environment for recovery.


A blend of great expertise we give a warm welcome to our associates. We hope that this partnership bears mutually rewarding benefits and makes healthcare accessible and affordable.


Benefits for Patients Out of This Collaboration


Symbolizing a great synergy is the outcome and advantages a partnership can provide. Here we explain the ways through which this collaboration can revolutionize the way people in Uzbekistan get their medical needs. As 1st in the treatment value chain we help patients through the following steps of the treatment journey : 


  • Discover Hospitals & Doctors
  • Book Appointments
  • Online Consultations
  • Treatment Estimations
  • Treatment Planning
  • Pre-Treatment Assistance
  • Logistic Planning
  • Healthcare Records Management
  • Prescription Fulfillment
  • Ancillary & Tertiary Services
  • Post-Treatment Care & Followups


India As Choice For Uzbekistan Patients


GoMedii India In Association With Ezgu Niyat Healthcare, Ezgu Niyat Healthcare Centre Uzbekistan, GoMedii India, About GoMedii and Ezgu Niyat Healthcare, Benefits for Patients Out of This Collaboration, India As Choice For Uzbekistan Patients


India is always known as a center of affordable quality healthcare for many countries. For the private healthcare centers in major cities of India, “Medical Tourism has been proved as a successful business”. As per reports, medical tourism in India is increasing by 30% every year.


For international patients, many private hospitals in India provide the highest quality healthcare using the latest techniques and technologies at the lowest price and that is the reason it attracts many patients from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Central Asian countries including Uzbekistan, Middle East, and African Continent, etc.


The major healthcare problem in Uzbekistan is that it has a public healthcare system and a small private sector. Healthcare has improved in recent years, but adequate healthcare is still limited throughout the country. Cities in Uzbekistan are serviced by larger polyclinics, while rural areas are serviced by regional hospitals. This makes the collaboration own a lot of relevance for both GoMedii and Ezgu! 


GoMedii expresses gratitude towards this collaboration. We aim to work to serve our patients the best healthcare across the globe. Who are We? We are a Technology Powered Healthcare Platform & Facilitation Engine Easing Out Patient Treatment journey.


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About GoMedii: GoMedii is a Healthcare Technology Platform That Works Out Your Treatment / Surgery the Way You Need & Plan. A Treatment partner that simplifies the patient journey at every step. Drop Your Queries for the most affordable & world-class treatment options.You may simply download the GoMedii app for Android or iOS.