India To Achieve WHO Norms of One Doctor Every 800 Patients

Somya Verma

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In India, the medical workforce being so low is no secret. We know that the number of doctors is so less, that the burden is just increasing with time. Yet, the ray of hope is the news published in the Economic Times. As per what the report says with the statement by Niti Ayog, “By 2030, India will meet the WHO criteria of 1:800 (one doctor to 800 patients) as MBBS and postgraduate seats have been enhanced,” The statement is released after a declaration of an increasing number of seats in MBBS and post-graduate seats.


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It has been a consistent effort by the government to provide the population with enough assistance in healthcare. As the news says, “nearly 20,000 MBBS seats were added in one year and there has been a rise of 32% in 2019, the highest ever in a single year” This is done so that the “medical man-force” that seems to be depleting and then quality suffering is taking a lot of toll on what is happening in the progressive side.



The PGI doctors, however, feel that it is not feasible as the quality will suffer. They say despite an increase in the MBBS seats, the main challenge, however, is in the super specialization. They countered that super-specialists are concentrated in the cities, as infrastructure is not available in rural areas. “Also, the teaching standard will be diluted if students intake is increased in the colleges. The district hospitals, which will be upgraded as medical colleges, do not have experienced teachers.



Doctors, there will be teaching without any teaching experience,” said a PGI faculty. Dr. Paul also admitted that we need three times more. “We need 10 lakh more specialists. With the present speed of 50,000 seats per annum, it will take more than 20 years for us to get there,” he added.


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India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and the second-most populous country. In spite of rapid development achieved in other fields, the performance when judged on healthcare parameters remains poor. One of the dominant discourses in the public health domain within the context of the provision of Universal Health Coverage is the shortage of an adequate number of qualified medical doctors and other healthcare professionals in India.



With the increasing population, healthcare needs better and more people to attend. We today are suffering from various health conditions. India tops the chart in chronic conditions like Diabetes and Heart diseases. It takes a lot of concern to deal with this.



India faces challenges of various kind and this will just help solve problems in a lot of sense. With increasing doctors, better and more patients can be dealt.



In India, the Healthcare sector has been lately the fastest growing sector, thanks to the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation and startup culture. Along with such improvements, the government is all set to support this fabric and provide the necessary support at all levels. It is a sincere effort to bring the healthcare sector to a new pedestal and make it a sector worth reaches $280 billion by 2020.


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