“National Dengue Day 2023: Join the Fight Against Mosquito-Borne Illness”


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Every year, on May 16, National Dengue Day is celebrated. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare created this day to raise awareness of dengue’s potentially lethal nature and stop its widespread dissemination.


This year the theme for National Dengue Day is “Fight Dengue, Save Lives,” which aims to educate people on the need to take personal responsibility in preventing dengue and encourage community action to control the spread of the disease.


National Dengue Day aims to raise awareness of dengue fever, an illness spread by mosquitoes that kills millions of people annually. The objective of the day, which is to inform the public about the dangers of dengue and the precautions they may take to avoid contracting the disease, is the same regardless of where it is observed.


Humans are bitten by Aedes mosquitoes that contain the dengue virus, which spreads the illness and causes dengue fever. From minor flu-like symptoms to severe and potentially lethal illness manifestations like dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome, symptoms can range widely. Since dengue illness has no known cure, prevention is essential.


On National Dengue Day, health organizations, government agencies, and community groups typically organize events and activities to raise awareness about dengue and promote prevention measures. These may include public health campaigns, educational talks, distribution of informational materials, and community clean-up efforts to reduce mosquito breeding sites.


Some of the most effective ways to prevent dengue include:

  • Reducing mosquito breeding sites by eliminating standing water in and around homes and businesses
  • Using mosquito repellent and wearing protective clothing
  • Installing screens on windows and doors to keep mosquitoes out
  • Creating a safe environment at home


There is no specific treatment for dengue fever. Still, depending on the severity of the condition, the treatment depends on various factors like medical help from the doctors, or if your situation is not that serious, then you can do home remedies which can also treat you better.


Dengue infections range from mild to severe. In milder cases, treatment of dengue is possible at home, but in extreme cases, treatment at home is not possible. You have to take medical help under a qualified physician’s supervision. The infected patient has been prescribed paracetamol, fluids like pineapple and pomegranate juices, green vegetable soups, coconut water, etc.


It is essential to consult the doctor about the symptoms instead of doing self-medication. The doctor will recommend you do the blood test, and based on the reports and other vital parameters, he will suggest a course of action best suited to the individual’s case.



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