World Epilepsy Day 2024

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World Epilepsy Day 2024


Epilepsy stands as one among numerous conditions that impact the human brain. Given its significance and the need for awareness, organizations like the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) and the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) have designated a specific day to address it.


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Since 2015, International Epilepsy Day has been observed annually on the second Monday of February, as outlined on the World Health Organization’s official website. This year, in 2024, the world marks International Epilepsy Day on February 12th. This occasion serves as a vital platform for education and raising awareness about epilepsy, including its symptoms, causes, and preventive measures.


About Epilepsy:


Described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a non-communicable neurological disorder affecting approximately 50 million individuals worldwide, epilepsy manifests through recurring seizures. These seizures may present as brief episodes of involuntary movement and, at times, escalate to instances where individuals lose consciousness and control over bodily functions like bowel and bladder movements.


Causes and Symptoms:


Epilepsy arises from various factors, including structural, genetic, infectious, metabolic, immune, and sometimes unknown origins. Common triggers encompass brain damage from prenatal or perinatal conditions, congenital abnormalities, severe head injuries, strokes, certain genetic syndromes, and brain tumors. Symptoms vary depending on the brain region affected, ranging from temporary loss of awareness or consciousness to disturbances in movement, sensation, mood, and cognitive functions.




Strategies endorsed by the World Health Organization suggest that up to 25% of epilepsy cases are potentially preventable. These preventive measures involve actions such as averting head injuries, ensuring adequate perinatal care, and refraining from substances or activities known to induce hallucinations.


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