World Milk Day 2018

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World Milk Day is an annual event held on 1st of June since 2001 with the participation of many countries. The number of participating countries in the event is increasing year by year.


Since then, the day has been organized every year to promote several activities related to the dairy and dairy industry across the world.


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This celebration was nationalized and organized activities related to the national and international celebration. It is celebrated to raise public awareness of the importance of milk and milk products for all throughout life.


The World Milk Day was created by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) for celebrating the importance of milk.


Milk is a very important fluid or liquid for everyone to strengthen the body with strong muscles. This gives people better health to maintain for achieving all types of goals. World Milk Day raises awareness about the effects of milk on people’s bodies.


The day is celebrated to give people all the information regarding the positive effects on the body of their health. It is important that people develop their physique to perform any kind of difficult or simple work to achieve a goal.


World Milk Day places a high value on milk and does a good job of promoting activities related to the dairy industry. The fact that many countries around the world have chosen this special day for World Milk Day shows that milk is a precious food around the world.




Why is the World Milk Day Celebrated?

People around the world celebrate World Milk Day to educate the general public on all aspects of natural milk, such as its natural origin, the nutritional value of milk and various dairy products, including their economic importance around the world.


It began to be celebrated in several countries such as Malaysia, Colombia, Romania, Germany, United Arab Emirates, USA, etc. with the participation of several consumers and employees of the dairy industry.


Milk is focused as a globe food during the celebration of the World Milk Day. The International Dairy Federation presents various promotional activities (which describe the importance of milk as a healthy and balanced diet) on its website.


Several members of health organizations participate in the celebration to work together to spread the message of the importance of milk to the public through promotional activities throughout the day.


The day is celebrated to understand the reality of milk. Milk is the great source of all the healthy nutrients your body needs such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, iodine, iron, potassium, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin B12, protein, healthy fats, etc.


It is a high-energy diet that provides the body with instant energy because it contains high-quality proteins that contain amino acids and essential and non-essential fatty acids.




What are the World Milk Day Activities?

Since milk is an important food for all and must be balanced on a daily basis, the celebration has brought the public an effective revolution in terms of the importance of milk.


Each year, the celebration of World Milk Day is the perfect opportunity for everyone to receive new messages on how to add milk to a balanced diet.


The members of the association celebrate it nationally and internationally by communicating the message to the public through numerous publicity measures.


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